Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1993 Packs 5-8

And slowly but surely, the Stadium Club contest rolls along. Before we go any further, I would like to inform a certain Mets fan that will not be named that I did not remove any cards, especially any Mets cards from the packs. If you want to blame anyone, blame Topps. They collated the packs...not me. I must also say the same thing for the Angels, Cardinals, Expos, Mariners, Red Sox and Twins bloggers- they also came up shorthanded. So did the Athletics, but nobody picked them.

But enough of my prattling- on with the packs:

Pack 5-

John Olerud of the Blue Jays. Well posed studio shot, and also, he's John Olerud. 5 points.

Jaime Navarro of the Brewers. Another great shot under the stadium lights. 5 points.

Pat Mahomes of the Twins. Bleah, a standard pitcher shot. 2 points.

Gary Sheffield of the Padres. Hey, remember back when Sheff was a badass? 5 points.

Lonnie Smith of the Pirates. Oh, it's you again. 1 point

Nigel Wilson of the Marlins. Hey. 1 point

Jim Tatum of the Rockies. HEY! 1 point.

Dave Steib of the White Sox HEEEYY! 1 point

Jose Guzman of the Cubs. This isn't funny. 1 point

Steve Decker of the Marlins. Sighhh. 1 point

David Cone of the Royals. 1 point. I'm doing the best I can with the Mets.

Rob Natal of the Marlins. Finally, a new card. And it's an original catcher shot no less. 4 points. In case your counting, 2 teams that no one signed up for are tied for first with Colorado. SEEE???

Jimmy Key of the Yankees. Good pitching stance. AJ Burnett must beware of not becoming this guy. 3 points.

Pack Six:

Javy Lopez of the Braves. Just giving the world a big hug. Also, his rookie card. 4 points.

Mike Lansing of the Expos. A decent fielding shot, but pulled back too far. 3 points.

Felix Jose of the Royals. One word: Power. 3 points

Frank Thomas of the White Sox Members Choice. The definition of badass in the 90's. I think. 5 points

Kevin Seitzer of the Athletics. A failed prospect on a nice sideways shot finally puts the A's on the board. 4 points

Rob Natal of the Marlins. ...Dammit. 1 point

Jimmy Key of the Yankees. DAMMIT. 1 point

Otis Nixon of the Braves. Basic. A little too basic. 3 points only because it's Otis Nixon.

Jon Shave of the Rangers. HAHAHAHAHA! What a last name. 4 points.

Tony Fernandez of the Mets. Okay, BA you go. 4 points cause he's Tony Fernandez.

Kevin Young of the Pirates. Running, and watching the ball. 3 points.

Dave Martinez of the Giants. A nice close shot of Martinez swatting the ball. 4 points

Steve Avery of the Braves. Good, but not enough. 2 points

Greg Maddux of the Braves. THAT is enough. 5 points for being a first ballot HOFer. This puts a certain Canadian in the lead.

Pack Seven:

John Olerud of the Blue Jays. Come on... 1 point

Kevin Stocker of the Phillies. A swing and a near miss. 3 points

Jaime Navarro of the Brewers. Grrr. 1 point

Charlie Hayes of the Rockies. This card gets 4 points, because it has a First Day Printing emblem in the top right corner. So there.

John Jaha of the Brewers. 1 point

Dave Nilsson of the Brewers. 1 point

Domingo Martinez of the Blue Jays. Close shot of a fielder. 3 points

Greg Maddux members choice. Dammit. 1 point

Armando Reynoso of the Rockies. 1 point.

Harold Baines of the Orioles. 1 point. I MEAN...

JT Snow of the Angels. We finally get an original card, but it's JT Snow. Oh well. 3 points

Norm Charlton of the Mariners. That's a pretty cool pitcher's shot. 4 points

Robby Thompson of the Giants. This guy means business. 5 points

Gregg Jeffries of the Cardinals. A nice swing. 3 points. This leaves the Red Sox as the only team without points. I did not alter the packs, even if I'm a Yankee fan. This is how it was collated. Seriously.

Pack Eight:

Paul O'Neill of the Yankees. And as usual, doubles. 1 point

Charlie Hough of the Marlins. 1 point

Greg Gagne of the Royals. 1 point

Mitch Webster of the Dodgers. 1 point

Darrell Sherman of the Padres. This isn't funny. 1 point

Steve Howe of the Yankees. The Phil Hughes of 1993. 3 points

Doug Drabek of the Astros. How is it that this guy looked like he was 50 when he was in his late 30's. How is that possible. He looks like the old guy in a western. 5 points. Just to get you a shave, dude. Preferrably not Jon Shave.

Joe Magrane of the Cardinals. A nice horizontal shot. 4 points

Jim Converse of the Mariners. An okay pitcher shot. 2 points

Candy Maldonaldo of the Cubs. And here come the doubles. 1 point

"Bobby" Kelly of the Reds. HA! 1 point

Charlie Leibrandt of the Rangers. Was kinda old, but not compared to teammates Ryan and Gossage. So not that old. 4 points

Mark Carreon of the Giants. Tight shot of a guy standing. 2 points

Mike Draper of the Mets. A standard pitcher shot, but it's a spring training shot. So 3 points.

After 8 packs, the Braves lead the contest with 27 points. The Rockies are close behind with 25. And in some irony I can get behind, a box I bought in New England has 8 packs without a single Red Sock. Wow. Still, the contest continues tomorrow.


  1. Hey, The Mets are on the board. I in no way was to imply that you altered in any way any of the packs. The Mets were so bad back in the early to mid 90's that there was no reason to have many cards of Mets players. I was just whining at their no show in the first 4 packs. ha ha. Keep up the fun, this is great.

  2. Expos on the board! I'm surprised by how many of these players I've never heard of...I thought I was watching baseball in '93