Saturday, August 27, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Bailey Edition

Looking back on it now, the 2009 Rookie of the Year winners turned out to be not as good as the award promised them to be. For starters, I was still pissed that Andrew McCutchen, JA Happ and Tommy Hanson all were deemed second by Chris Coghlan, who has been injured the last few years. But part of me did think Andrew Bailey deserved his ROY that year. He'd been such a fixture in Oakland, and I'd thought he'd be going far. But he hasn't gone as far as most people have hoped. Still, like Ryan Howard, Justin Verlander, Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria and Buster Posey, Andrew Bailey has at least made an impact on the game, despite minor injury setbacks. I think that while he won't be a hall of famer, he'll still be a great player by the end of his career.

Coming Tomorrow- On the subject of keeping a career strong after a solid rookie season, a closer who's back with his old team after a rocky few years.

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