Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Trout Edition

You know, if the existence of anything excites this blogger more, it's the existence of throwback uniforms. Why? Because it gives another level of realism to the customs. It makes them truly look like they were from the 70's, 80's or whatever. And that's why I love using them so much. Of course, with this year's Angels I am in luck. It's their 50th Anniversary, so every once in a while they pull out their 60's uniform, or their 80's uniform as a throwback. I already featured the 80's one back with Torii Hunter. I might have already done someone else with the 60's one, possibly Ervin Santana.

But this time, it's special. This is the rookie a lot of people have been saying might change the Angels. Now granted, he hasn't gotten a lot of time in the Majors this season, because he hasn't been playing like the phenom we know him to be. But I'm thinking that he'll turn out to be a fixture next season. I'm hoping he'll be more of a Jim Edmonds than a JT Snow, though...

Coming Tomorrow- I realized when I posted the "First White Sox of the year" last week that I had already posted a White Sock back in March. So I kinda lied. Sorry....but tomorrow, another White Sox.

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  1. Do you ever print these? Cause I'd totally buy one. That is the sweetest looking card. So simple. '71 is one of my favorites.