Monday, June 6, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1992 Stadium Club Series 1 (Part 2)

Right. Now that my intentions with this box have been spoiled, I better get on with the break.

I've got the idea to knock out Series 2 and 3 soon after I'm done with this box, and whenever I can budget myself properly. For right now, we should probably get going with Series 1, as we've already busted 12 packs, with 24 left to go. Again, there's a considerable amount of charm in this set, though definitely dwarfed by later releases.

 Pack 13-
Cards I needed: 11/15
Dupes: 4/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15
Renegade Cardinals: 3/15
 Not much else to say other than isn't this card fantastic???

 Ivan Calderon rocking the last of the ultra-80's-yet-technically-90's Expos uniforms.
Also, George Brett, in his penultimate season, has a nice hit.

 Two guys who has maybe ONE good season. You probably remember Thigpen's more than you remember Hill's.
 Pack 13- Inverted Pack 14
Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
Hall of Quite Good-ers: 1/15
Tim Raines cameos: 1/15

 Lance Parrish, near the last leg of his career, fastening one of his last legs. Also, here's Spike Owen doing his impression of a flying squirrel.

 Here's a pretty nice nice DP shot, with a sliding Tim Raines, and a focused Felix Fermin.

 Pack 15-
Cards I needed: 15/15. WOW. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??
HOFers: 1/15
Former Yankee Relievers: 1/15
Future Yankee Fireballers: 1/15
 Here are some appetizer shots. I love Jamie Quirks, mostly for the green, but also for the grace and modesty that comes with that photo.

 Some pretty cool landscapes. Bradley's is an excellent catching shot against Brady Anderson. Bichette's is a rare non-Colorado Bichette photo, on the run (from the Mitchell committee)

 The aforementioned Yankees. Mike Mussina made me so happy as a Yankee, even having a phenomenal season incredibly late in his career. The guy's had a great career, even if it's not necessarily HOF worthy. Rags is still pretty legendary, as I believe he's still the pitching coach over in San Fran.

 Willie McGee, somehow on the Giants, lunges after a hit, while Barry Larkin's looking even more graceful as a Red, forever.

 Pack 16-
Cards I needed: 10/15
Dupes: 5/15
Steroid Abusers: 1/15
Horrible MLBnet Broadcasters: 1/15

 Mid-air Belliard makes me smile. Eiland's a reminder that the Yankees rotation has seen waaaayyyy worse days than the current one.

 Clemens has been shoved next to two stationary pitcher shots, because that's what he means to me.


 Pack 17-
Cards I needed: 12/15
Dupes: 3/15
Amazing Throwbacks: 1/15
Amazing Shots Featuring People in Catcher's Uniforms: 4/15

 Some pretty great landscapes here. Smith's has the most action, but Surhoff's is actually pretty damn cool, capturing an exact moment in time, and Sasser's is zoomed in just enough.

 Two guys that were big in the early 90's...and then it  allllll went downhill

 Man oh man I love this card.

 Pack 18-
Cards I needed: 1/15
Dupes: 14/15
Gotta love the 90's.

 Pack 19-
Cards I needed: 10/15
Dupes: 5/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15
Diamondbacks Hall of Famers: 1/15

 Man, it's kinda weird seeing Luis Gonzalez pre-D-Backs era. He looks so thin and young here, it's kinda weird.

 Smith's has the right amount of flair, but he can't possibly beat the awesomeness of Eck.

 Pack 20-
Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
 Our sole highlights- a guy who won an MVP and bottomed out less than five years later, and a guy who had been on 'last legs' mode for about 5 years already.

 Pack 21-
Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
 Our highlights here are a bit better, though. Justice was on his way to becoming an Atlanta legend, and Cecil was in the midst of his home-run-olympics era.

 Pack 22-
Cards I needed: 2/15
Dupes: 13/15
 At least this was a nice card, otherwise this pack would be nearly a loss.

 Pack 23-
Cards I needed: 1/15
Dupes: 14/15
The one crappy thing about 90's boxes is that the whole middle of the box is just this crap.

 Pack 24-
Cards I needed: 10/15
Dupes: 5/15
Sadly, not a ton of highlights, other than a catcher's shot, a cool goggles shot, and Terry Steinbach.

I'll get around to the last third one of these days. Hopefully the collation will cooperate.

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