Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1992 Stadium Club Series Two (Part Three)

24 packs down. 12 packs to go. SO MANY DOUBLES.


 Pack 25- 14 dupes, one card I actually needed. Off to a rousing start.

 Pack 26-
Cards I need: 14/15
Dupes: 1/15
People I care about: 0/15

 Bryn Smith as a Cardinal, younger Derek Bell. Nothing I remotely collect, but still going in the set.

 This Joe Oliver card does look pretty cool though, as do the stripey Indians uniforms of yore.
 Pack 27-
Cards I need: 8/16
Dupes: 8/16
Former MLB Managers Looking Awkward: 1/16

 Sanderson's is a great, 'full-picture' card, even with an ump cameo. Tapani's is just a solid pitcher shot. Williams...that's pretty damn close to glamour shots right there.

 Pack 28-
Cards I need: 9/16
Dupes: 7/16
Guys Who Were On Their Teams for a Very Long Time: 3/16

 Finley's hair looks great here. Anderson looks comparatively thin here.

 A young DiSarcina wonders how long he'll spend on the Angels (answer: forever)
Pete Harnisch's is a reminder that the Astros needed a uniform change.

 Pack 29-
These two ended up being dupes. So...nothin'.

 Pack 30-
Cards I needed: 7/16
Dupes: 9/16
 Great degree of shadows on the House card. The Dibble works because we get the entire shot, and because the green contrasts well with the red uniform.

 Also, here's Tim Wallach looking really cool against a blue backdrop, and a ton of bats.

 Pack 31-
Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15

 Our only highlights are a very craggy looking Gene Nelson and an awesome looking Member's Choice of Cal Ripken.

 Pack 32-
Cards I needed: 3/16
Dupes: 13/16
Hall of Famers: 1/16
 Thin pack, but at least we got a cool Glavine out of it.

 Pack 33-
Cards I need: 3/16
Dupes: 13/16
Guys who were huge in 1992: 3/16
Hall of Famers: 1/16

 Really fun looking shots here of two superstars in '92. Thomas is optimistic, leaning on some bats. Johnson's is a great shot of Shea in the background.

 Pack 34-
Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
Guys the Yankees traded for Rickey Henderson: 1/15
Guys the Yankees landed years later that made me feel better: 1/15

 Plus side- Tino Martinez sitting pretty on the M's
Minus side- Luis Polonia existing.

 Pack 35- Nothing.

Pack 36- Just one card I needed. Hell of a way to end the box.

So...did I end up completing this series? Well, I compiled everything after the break, and fortunately I DID get all 300 cards in the set, bringing me to 600 total on the set, and 300 left to go, with S3.

Sometime next week I will begin the Series 3 break. I will say the collation is a TON better than this box.

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