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Nostalgic Box Break: 1992 Stadium Club Series Two (Part Two)

(Hm. Lots of Twos.)

Yesterday I broke into the first bit of this box of 1992 Stadium Club, in the hopes of completing the set by the end of the breaking endeavor. If you missed the first bit, and thanks to Blogger this is highly likely, you can find it here. Please, if you haven't seen it, go and do so- there's an amazing card of Ruben Sierra in that post that cannot be missed.

Now, we've got 12 more packs to crack into. Hopefully they'll go as well as the first 12.

 Pack 13-
Cards I need: 9/15
Dupes: 6/15
Borderline HOFers: 1/15

 Faries' is a nice, well-angled batter's box shot, and Gubicza's is a fairly nice reminder of the awesome baby blue Royals uniforms.

 Lou Whitaker's the real star of the show- that's a pretty nice shot of him, too. Zeile's is a great posed shot- heck, most of the non-head-and-shoulders-only posed shots in Stadium Club are really good (see: That Ruben Sierra shot)

 Pack 14-
Cards I need: 11/15
Dupes: 4/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15
 Some nice shots here- Vander Wal's is the best because of the red alternate Expos uniform.
 In '91, Barry Larkin was already a really nice player, and worthy of 'Member's Choice' status. And the 90's were juuuuust getting started. Wait 'til you see how he'd look by the end of them.

 Pack 15-
Cards I need: 15/15
Guys with kids in the MLB right now: 2/15
Guys That Should be in the HOF: 1/15
 Three stellar sideways shots. Bell's is pretty awesome- I always forget he was a #1 pick, and he was coming off that status only to...just be Jay Bell. McGriff's is pretty great, as I can never get enough cards of him. Spiers' has enough detail baked in.

 Base highlights- Will Clark was still deserving of Member's Choice back then. Meanwhile, a young Delino DeShields and a young Tom Gordon wonder aloud why neither of their kids are currently playing in the majors right now.

 Pack 16-
Cards I need: 9/15
Dupes: 6/15
Hall of Famers: 2/15
2nd Generation MLB-ers: 1/15
 Moises looks great in that red. Jeff Reed gives a nice gear shot. Juan Guzman just looks horrified.

 Our two Hall of Famers. Frank Thomas was rightfully a Member's Choice, after just 2 years in the bigs- more proof of him being one of the greatest White Sox of all time. Smoltzie's also a two year vet, beginning to work his magic in Atlanta.

 Pack 17-
Cards I needed: 10/15
Dupes: 5/15
Absolutely amazing cards of people I collect: 2/15

 Heath Slocumb was traded to the Mariners for Jason Varitek. Ellis Burks was traded to the Giants for Darryl Hamilton. This has been, Jordan's Trade Corner

 These two cards are absolutely amazing. The Raines is pretty great, with a fine background, and Topps being nice enough to call him 'ROCK' on his card, instead of Tim.
The Boggs you've probably seen on the blogs, but it's still pretty fantastic, especially for a card of a HOFer.

 Pack 18- Halfway through the box and we've hit our first entirely-dupes pack

 Pack 19- Now we're talking
Cards I need: 15/15

 Felix Jose's card is just...too close. Aldrete's is the right kind of zoomed out though.

 Not a ton of base highlights in this one, so here's John Olerud.

 Pack 20-
Cards I need: 9/15
Dupes: 6/15
Jackie Robinson Day uniforms: 1/15

 Jeff Carter only played in 5 games, but at least he got a nice Jackie Robinson day card.
That Randy Milligan card is pretty gorgeous, especially with the background. Walton's has the right amount of shadows.

 Pack 21-
Cards I need: 15/15
Celebrity Apprentice Contestants: 2/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15
Guys Who Pitched for my High School: 1/15

 Here's some nice static shots of Keith Mitchell and his arms, and a very inquisitive Cal Eldred.

 Orel Hershiser gets a really nice, beautiful spring training poses shot, while Jose Canseco gets a well-lit, dramatic Member's Choice card.

 Darryl Strawberry had just joined the Dodgers in '91, so this posed shot against a black background was a pretty cool one.
Robin Yount's is just a great action shot of a fantastic player.

 Pack 22- Dupesville

 Pack 23-
Cards I need: 11/16
Dupes: 5/16
Hall of Famers: 1/16
Hall of Extremely Good-ers: 2/16

 A very smiley Pedro Guerrero puts on a Cardinals cap, thereby pissing off every Dodger fan in the building. Meanwhile, that's a fantastic dirt-only shot of Chito Martinez.

 Harold Baines runs for first, as an A. Also, Steve Avery is our Member's Choice. That's kind of odd, as it's not like there were two superior choices on that rotation or anything...

 Our longtime legends- Carlton Fisk on a beautiful shot at Comiskey Park, and Dwight Evens in mid-swing, playing for Baltimorw.

 Pack 24-
Cards I need: 9/16
Dupes: 7/16
Amazing Cards of People Who Should be Hall of Famers: 1/16
Guys who aren't as good as other MLB players with the same last name:

 Todd Stottlemyre, whose dad was a Yankee legend. Mike Stanton was a journeyman pitcher who'd one day be trumped by a guy out of Miami.

I still adore that Bagwell card. It's pretty damn perfect. Meanwhile, Cecil Fielder was rightfully crowned a Member's Choice after blowing the doors off the place after arriving in Detroit.

That's all for part 2. I'll post the last part of this one most likely tomorrow, and then we move onto Series 3.

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  1. When did you know a Canseco card not to be dramatic ;) Love this set!