Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lorenzo Cain's Whirlwind 2016 Season

It's very odd. Going into 2016, Lorenzo Cain was getting some 'best outfielder in the bigs' claims, some 'prime for a big season' claims, yadda yadda yadda. And yeah, he's been doing pretty well, but it took him a while to get there.

For the first chunk of the season, his numbers were pretty paltry, with a ton of strikeouts and not a ton of offensive performance, save for a few homers here and there. And everybody started coming out with 'whatever happened to him' and 'how the mighty have fallen' and everything. Meanwhile, the guy's on my fantasy, so I couldn't lose hope that easily.

Thankfully, in mid-May, Lorenzo Cain returned with a vengeance, and that included a few multiple home run games, and a manic spree of power-hitting that beefed up his average and brought him right to the forefront of the lineup, right near Eric Hosmer, back where he belonged.

That's the thing-regardless of how powerful he's been, Cain's season has been very ebb-and-flowy, and not as constant as people would like. That's not to discount how powerful he's been, not by a longshot, but it just puts you off a bit.

This season it's looking like Lorenzo Cain's gonna be a starter for the All Star Game, which is pretty nice- not only does he deserve it, but he'll at least give the roster some Royals representation, along with Salvador Perez, another guy who works in heats it seems.

I'm hoping Cain keeps up the impressive work, and maybe it'll help the Royals stay afloat over the next few months.

Coming Tomorrow- An infielder who's been surprisingly potent for Milwaukee.

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