Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finally, Someone Named Miley That We Can All Get Around

The Rangers are in the lead, and Felix Hernandez has just landed on the disabled list. You'd think this would be the time for the Mariners to panic, but this season, they have a bit more roster depth than you'd think.

The pitching staff , despite some lopsided records, have been impressing as of late. Hisashi Iwakuma is being relied on to be the team's ace, and he's improved a ton since the beginning of the season. Nate Karns and Taijuan Walker are still holding up in terms of throwing strikes and keeping people off balance. Wade Miley, while not where he was in 2012, is still a pretty great pitcher, and is helping out in whichever way he can in Seattle, a lot better than being relied upon for too much like in Boston. The pitching staff is in the kind of place where they can still win games and dominate without being overstuffed. Yes, it'd be nice if they had Felix right now, but injuries happen.

Really, the main source of power is from the lineup- Cruz, Seager and Cano are all electric right now, and Ketel Marte has surprisingly been pretty nice at short. Heck, Dae-Ho Lee is hitting really well off the bench, and making a case for taking over permanently at first.

The Mariners are in danger of sinking, but have enough momentum going that they'll likely be fine. Still, the Astros are coming up from the gutter to challenge them, and they'll need to be in peak condition if they want to hang on, but it's looking promising as of right now.

Coming Tonight- One of the many young, up-and coming position players in this sinking ship of a D-Backs team.

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