Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cards for Sorrow, Cards for Pain

The good news is that the Cardinals are only one game behind the Pirates in the NL Central.

The bad news...is that the Cardinals are 10 and a half games behind the Cubs. So, for right now, their only option is just to hang out in the middle until something happens.

This is a new concept for a team that was in the NLCS for four straight years back there, and hasn't had a textbook defined losing season since Adam Wainwright was a reliever. Right now, both the Pirates and Cubs have a lot more to work with than the Cardinals, even if the Cards have a rotation of people like Jaime Garcia who can throw fire and still be legitimate on an okay team.

Right now, the Cardinals are planted pretty solidly in the middle, even though they're close to knocking off Pittsburgh. Milwaukee is in no danger of catching them, and don't especially have the resources to try. It's safe to assume that, as much as I'd love to see it, the Cardinals can't sink any lower in the standings.

And some of their guys, such as Stephen Piscotty, are playing pretty well. Aledmys Diaz is having a great breakout season, and Matt Holliday is coming back with some great numbers this point in the season. They're just being outgunned, which is a new feeling for them.

I still think the most optimistic part of this post is the Jaime Garcia custom. Just the right amount of cool.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the many strong pitchers in Seattle right now.

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