Saturday, June 18, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Wieters Edition

I didn't think this was gonna happen, but the Sox-O's race has turned into one of the tightest, most neck-and-neck battles in baseball right now. The story changes everyday. One moment, Xander Bogaerts has a huge average day and hits the Red Sox into first. The next, Mark Trumbo hits 3 homers on a Chris Tillman start and gets the Orioles back ahead.

It's so neck and neck because both teams are equally impressive, and have their own faults. I do think that the Red Sox have the better team, but the Orioles have refused to back down, with some of the best bats in the league, and some of the most surprising little pieces that have been working well. Matt Weiters and JJ Hardy, despite injuries the last few seasons, have been back in full force. Chris Tillman and Kevin Gausman have been some of the most impressive arms on the roster. Joey Rickard, Nolan Reimold and Hyun-Soo Kim have been playing well in the musical chairs game that is left field.

Both the Red Sox and the O's have been struggling with pitching. On both cases there are one or two really nice arms, and a bunch of people that aren't doing as well as they should be. I'd say there's more of a problem in Boston, because they're going through Clay Buchholz, Joe Kelly, Eduardo Rodriguez and Roenis Elias, and none of them are doing very well, even being swapped out for each other. But I'm not gonna lie and say that Ubaldo Jimenez doesn't frighten me whatsoever (because...dear lord he's lost it again).

I don't know which one's gonna go the furthest, but I've got my eye on both the Orioles and the Red Sox, because between Manny Machado and Xander Bogaerts, and between Trumbo and Davis hitting all over the place, and David Ortiz refusing to act 40...this is probably the most tense battle of the year. Just keep an eye out for how this goes down.

Coming Tomorrow- He used to play for the the Orioles pray for him.

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