Sunday, June 5, 2016

Meanwhile in Oakland...

This has got to be one of the weirdest teams in baseball right now. Oh, they're not winning many games, and they're currently in last, but...they just have a ton of ridiculously strange goings-on right now. I'll detail as many as I can:

  • Their two home run leaders are Marcus Semien, a guy who only had 23 career home runs (over 3 seasons) before this season, and Khris Davis, a guy who basically landed in Oakland by means of a roster clearing, not as much by a 'he's good, we want him' kind of deal.
  • Their top pitcher is a guy who hasn't pitched a full season since 2009.
  • Their usual ace is pitching with a dismal 3.19 ERA, literally 3 more than he's ever averaged in a year. 
  • Josh Reddick, who is one of those guys who's good every other season, is batting over .300 right now, though with only 5 home runs thus far.
  • Their closer is Ryan Madson, a guy who hasn't been a trusted closing pitcher since the Phillies were a perennial NL East championship team.
  • Chris Coghlan is on the A's, batting way below the Mendoza line the year after his general success in Chicago. Man, either they knew when to let him go, or Chicago was the only place the guy could play well.
  • Sean Doolittle and John Axford, two guys with plentiful facial hair who were definitely closing games back in the early 2000's, are both working middle-relief roles.
  • Sean Manaea, a guy who was brought up a few weeks ago, has no choice to be one of the more trusted starters in the rotation, even with an ERA over 6.00
  • Billy Butler, a guy who hit 29 home runs in 2012, currently has hit one home run. 
This is a pretty pathetic team, but not without its oddities, like Davis.

Coming Today: His brother's one of the most underrated third basemen in baseball. And he's one of the hottest players in LA.

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