Thursday, June 9, 2016

Masahiro at Large

(Yeah, that one was a bit of a stretch)

It's weird. The Yankees have been lacking in the wins category, mainly because most of the lineup hasn't been hitting, but I look at the pitching staff, and, with the exception of wins ratios, the majority of these pitchers aren't doing so bad, especially Masahiro Tanaka, who still has a low enough ERA, and actually has the best WAR on the team.

Look, I understand that Masahiro Tanaka hasn't done something as insane as winning 30 games in a season, or being as absolutely dominant as he's been in Japan. But Tanaka has been a pretty damn dominant pitcher for the Yankees, and I don't have too many problems with his reign in the Bronx. He definitely needs some improvement as a #1 starter, but as a pitcher, he's still doing some damage. He doesn't have the most strikeouts on the team, which is surprising (especially since that goes to Michael Pineda this year), but he definitely knows how to keep people down.

Between Tanaka, Eovaldi, a SURPRISINGLY AWESOME PERFORMANCE by CC Sabathia, and Ivan Nova, the Yankees pitching has been surprisingly on this season, even amidst the losing games. Heck, the bullpen has been on fire this season- not just the Betances-Miller-Chapman stranglehold, but also people like Kirby Yates, who only have to do some middle-relief work to be relevant in New York.

Still, as much improvement as this team needs, the pitching seems to have it in the bag, and are probably going to get even better with the year going on.

Coming Tonight (?)- Oh hey, another Mets pitcher that's killing it right now, what a shock...

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