Friday, June 17, 2016

Dan Straily: Back from the Dead

I was going to post this one last night, but due to Series-2-mania, it's up now. It's actually a good thing I didn't post this last night, because Dan Straily got absolutely BATTERED by the Braves (of all people). I mean, I was gonna talk about how Dan Straily's one of the few pitchers on the Reds that were doing any positive work this season, but then the Braves irony-ed me in the tuchus so I couldn't really do that.

I will say that Dan Straily, for a guy that hasn't been baseball-relevant since he was a member of the Miraculous 2013 A's, has been doing a pretty impressive job as the supposed anchor in Cincy. Look, the guy's had the situation thrust upon him, and he's doing pretty well given the circumstances, launching a full-scale comeback that rivals only those not led by people named 'Rich Hill'. But it's still a comeback for the Reds, so he's gonna lose some games here and there.

I'll mention here that Dan's been involved in some pretty memorable trades. He and Addison Russell were traded for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, and the next year he was traded, with Luis Valbuena, for Dexter Fowler. So he's been the guy in most of these trades that hasn't panned out.

Maybe he'll get traded somewhere midseason, Mike Fiers style, and become a solid later-half-rotation addition. Or maybe 2016 will be it for the guy. I really don't know, but it's still a pretty intriguing comeback.

Coming Tonight: Best player in baseball right now.

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