Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Batsville, Massachusetts

Not many lineups in baseball are capable of packing this many solid hitters into one lineup. This season, the Cubs, Nats and Rangers are doing a hell of a job of putting together squads of people who can ALL be on at once.

The Boston Red Sox are no exception. They have three people capable of monstrous hitting streaks in 2016. And that's not even including the guy leading in home runs.

In one lineup, the Red Sox have Xander Bogaerts, the guy that's probably going to be the MVP, Jackie Bradley and Mookie Betts, two guys who can hit like hell any day of the week, David Ortiz, who is 40 years old and still has more home runs than anyone else on the team, Dustin Pedroia, who's having a really nice-hitting season at 32, Chris Young and Travis Shaw, two guys who were bench players last year and have graduated to the lineup due to really nice hitting, and Hanley Ramirez who, even if he's bringing up the rear here, is still pretty damn good, and much better at 1st base than in the outfield.

Now, granted, I didn't include Christian Vazquez, because catching is a weak spot for the lineup, but this is something that's been through a lot of flux so far this season, and might go through even more flux in the next few months. But still...those eight spots are pretty solid, and pretty impressive at the plate.

As discussed, they're currently warring with the Orioles for the top spot in the AL East, and it's still pretty close, but I have a feeling the Red Sox are going to do something big down the road. I just get that feeling. They're gonna make a move later that'll buttress the pitching staff, and maybe make one or two more, and then they'll cruise to the finish. They just have that completeness about them. I can feel it, even in June.

Coming Tonight: I still collect his cards because he's a Philadelphia hero, but he's not been doing too badly in Washington, to be honest.

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