Monday, June 27, 2016

Is Evan Longoria The Best Player Nobody Talks About?

Okay, now that I've got your attention, let me clarify.

In 2008, Evan Longoria made his debut, and everybody talked about him. His presence in the Rays' starting lineup almost singlehandledly brought the team to the World Series- he was on, and so was everybody else. For the next two or three seasons, Evan Longoria was one of THE figures in the MLB. He was on the cover of 2010 Topps Series 2, I believe.

Then...he had a couple of 'okay' seasons, a few seasons on the DL, and people...just stopped talking about him. He was still a great player, had some great seasons, but he wasn't really being listed with Baseball's Elite anymore. He was just Evan Longoria. Plus, the Rays weren't as good as they were in the late 2000's, and it got to the point where Longo was the sole powerful figure on the team for a while.

This season, however, I think it's time for everyone to pay attention to Evan Longoria again.

Look, the Rays are in last. I get it. You don't wanna look that low. Fine. Just see what Longo's doing. The guy's having one of his few slugging-heavy seasons- only happens once in a blue moon. He's got a nice batting average, he's still young enough to play coherent defensive ball, and he's one of the main offensive producers on the team.

I don't expect the guy to get a starting All Star spot, at least not initially, but I am expecting him to get on the squad, because the Rays need a nod, and it can't just be someone who won't play for very long like Alex Colome or Logan Forsythe or something. I'm just surprised that Evan Longoria can be this impressive, NOW, and still not get a ton of attention about it. It's kind of sad the way it worked out.

Still, for once I'm hoping for this to keep going for Evan Longoria- I've given him crap for having to play him a ton, but he's pretty impressive, especially this season.

Coming Tonight: He's back to his old tricks in Miami, but he might not be in Miami for much longer at this rate.

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