Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Packs of 2016 Topps Archives

After I stocked up on some sweet, insanely good Archives, I figured I was going to take a run at the set. So, that meant I needed a few more of the base cards, which means I needed a few more packs. So, the whole point of my Target run, that culminated in some precious Series 2 yesterday, was to get more Archives. I mean, I DID get more Archives, but it was kind of eclipsed by yesterday's blaster.

Here now are 3 18-card packs of Archives, presented without scans because y'all have seen these cards at this point. Cards I needed in green, Dupes in red. purple, I guess.

Pack 1-
124- Chris Archer. This card is an action shot, but is a static moment, which makes it true to the 1979 set. 
6- Kendrys Morales. A bit down from last season.
121- Jay Bruce. Already taking bets on where he'll end up after July.
43- David Wright. Despite pulling this card last rip, I still needed the regular base version, rather than the border variation. 
102- Jonathan Lucroy, another likely trade target. 
46- Gio Gonzalez. Back to dominating this season.
151- Frank Thomas, Hall of Famer and Chicago Legend.
56- Brian Johnson RC. One of the many generically named pitchers in Boston.
198- Adam Wainwright, one of the most dominating unlucky pitchers in baseball.
33- BUCKY F'N DENT. Glad the much maligned Yankee gets some representation.
110- Jose Canseco. As much as I loathe him, he does get a very '79 shot in this one.
Bull Durham- Ron in I already have this one. 
Father-Son of the in I have this one too...
211- Kevin Kiermaier. All the '91s in this pack are dupes.
279- Josh Donaldson
291- Kaleb Cowart
282- Lou Brock
223- Goose Gossage

Pack 2-
168- Matt Carpenter. First five of these are dupes.
44- Marcus Stroman
137- Zach Britton
95- A very grainy Jim Bunning
182- A very impressive Joe Morgan
185- Wade Boggs. NOW WE'RE TALKING! Even better, he's a Yankee on this card.
90- Carl Yastrzemski. Yeah, I'll take it. Besides, great player.
190- LOU GEHRIG! Another amazing Yankee card.
23- Bernie Williams! Did I grab the Yankee hot pack???
167- Ryan Klesko. Not everyday you see Klesko in a current release.
41- Ryne Sandberg. Yeah, he's a Cub here, but it's still a Ryno.
Bull Durham insert of Bobby...which is at least one I don't have...
Father-Son insert of Sandy Alomar and Sandy Alomar Jr. Pretty nice one.
234- Jake Arrieta. Back to the awesomeness.
269- Adrian Gonzalez. This one's a beauty, too!
292- Andrew Miller. Another Yankee! It's like they knew who was buying this!
224- HUNTER PENCE! Another player I collect!
216- Rougned Odor, sucker punch king.

Pack 3-
28- Miguel Almonte...a Royals rookie I've not heard of.
153- Honus Wagner. Wish they had more variety in terms of photo choice.
26- Rafael Palmeiro. Topps needs to go easy on the steroid abusers in sets like these..
103- Randy Johnson. Absolute legend.
54- Phil Niekro, greatest knuckleballer of all time.
130- Tom Seaver. Next bunch of these are dupes.
24- Bert Blyleven
131- Jim Palmer
7- Ketel Marte
154- Jon Gray
13- Jason Heyward
304... AL KALINE.
Now...let me reiterate here. Short printed base cards only come 1:29 packs. I have pulled two over the course of the 10 total packs I have opened. I am not a wizard, or a pack searcher. This is just some pretty incredible luck. Plus, the Kaline looks good.
Father-Son insert of that exact same Franconas card.
281- Francisco Lindor. Back to ones I need
239- Xander Bogaerts, who's been PHENOMENAL so far this year
258- Odubel Herrera, who's lost some of his stuff in Philly
233- Edwin Encarnacion
240- John Kruk. Awfully nice of Topps to throw a Kruk Phils card in there.

Not wall-to-wall immaculate, but this rip yielded me some nice cards for the set, as well as another short print. I'm still pretty impressed by this set, too.

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