Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Even the Long Overdue Comeback is Bigger in Texas

(it was either that or an ELO song title. Deal.)

I was talking earlier this season about how inexplicable the Astros' sudden fall back to earth was.  They had EVERYTHING last season. Then, suddenly, the Rangers and Mariners rose up and they couldn't do a damn thing to stop them. The pieces that were on last year sort of fell apart.

Well...I'm happy to report that they're very close to catching up to the Mariners, and very close to reclaiming second place.

Oh, they're nowhere near first. The Rangers are so hot right now that it's highly unlikely anyone else will take that spot this year. But the Astros have figured out how to get back to the top.

People like Collin McHugh and Doug Fister, who were struggling early, have been doing a lot better. Dallas Keuchel is hanging in there too, though there's a definite drop off from where he was last year. George Springer, Carlos Correa, Colby Rasmus and Evan Gattis are back to hitting. The numbers are on the upswing, and that's because the drive is back. The energy that was there last year is beginning to reappear.

It's unclear whether the Astros can sneak into the playoffs like they did last year, or whether or not the Mariners have any juice left in them, but I'm kind of pulling for the Astros, as they've developed another chapter to their comeback story, and I want to see them succeed.

Coming Tonight- In honor of the Golden State Warriors' recent loss of the NBA Championships, we got one of the players'....uh, brother.

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