Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things The Twins Are Doing Right: An Incredibly Short List

1. Keeping the people on the bench who are hitting, like Eduardo Nunez and Robbie Grossman, in the mix by having them cover for Sano and Santana while they're out.

2. Keeping people like Ervin Santana and Joe Mauer on the roster so they can be traded for some much-needed prospects.

3. Letting Jose Berrios go back to the minors, as if to shield his eyes from the monstrosity that is going on over on the mainland.

4. Bringing up Byung-Ho Park and keeping him on the roster as DH, so he wouldn't end up injured like every position player who's made positive progress for them in the past few months.

5. Nobody in the lineup is hitting below the mendoza line. However, only one is hitting above .300, and it's Eduardo Nunez.

That's it.

Happy Trails, Molly.

Coming Tomorrow- His team's not in last, but in any other division they would be. Anyway, he's one of the most underrated catchers in the NL, and the bets are already on about where he'll be playing after the trade deadline (my money is on Boston, personally).


  1. I'm sure the Twins would love to trade Joe Mauer, but he has a full no trade clause and likely has negative trade value with the money still owed to him.

    I really wanted the Pirates to get Park so he could team up with Kang.

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