Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1992 Stadium Club Series Two (Part One)

(cracks knuckles)

Here we go.

My plan, of course, is to finish off 1992 Topps Stadium Club. The whole damn thing. So, I snapped up boxes of Series 2 and 3, and off we frigging go.

36 packs. 15 cards per pack. 300 cards in the set. Remember, we're dealing with horrible 90's collation, so it may not be perfect, but we're going for a full 300.

 Pack 1-
Cards I need: 15/15
Outrageous 80's arms that aren't in the HOF: 2/15
500-club Members: 1/15
 I love the color contrast on the Wilson card, and the Martinez is a great, subtle static shot. This set is a bit less insane than future SC releases, but when it was good, it's amazing.

 Here's a pretty damn cool slide shot from Kal Daniels.

 The Doc works mainly because of the 'pitcher batting' thing, but mostly because of the zoom. All three of these work because of the zoom. The Huff and Vizcaino could have easily been vertical shots in flagship Topps, but they get so much more out of being horizontals here.

 Our two star cards here. One's a guy I've legitimately admired for his toughness, Dave Stewart, World Series winner and overall scary person. And, Gary Sheffield, who probably won't get the necessary support to join the Hall of Fame, despite having 500 home runs.

Cards I needed: 4/15
Dupes: 11/15
Steroid Abusers: 2/15
 Well...this is our highlight, ladies and gentlemen. A steroid-abuser that I don't collect.

 Pack 3, which I didn't get a groupshot for, but I needed 14/15
I just wanted to point out some of the awesome alternate uniforms and Spring Training jerseys they were using in 1991.
 That Greenwell's probably one of the most iconic cards in the set. It's pretty great. McDonald's is a great card, and a reminder that not every super-prospect pans out, GERRIT.

 Two pretty nice sideways shots. All great because they show the full width of the picture, the full story. They stuck Mike Stanley/Matt Nokes/whoever in the Gaetti because it adds a lot of detail.

 Two base highlights- Jim Thome, one of the guys that made me love the Philadelphia Phillies, and Rafael Palmeiro, one of the guys that made me hate the Texas Rangers.

 The guy on the left will be enshrined in Cooperstown next month. The guy on the right will likely be joining him next year.
 Pack 4- Terrific.
Cards I need: 7/15
Dupes: 8/15
Steroid Abusers: 2/15
 Donnells in a very 80's 1991 Mets uniform. Kenny Rogers in a great horizontal shot.

 I do like Pettis' card, because the glasses are flipped up, and the '91 Rangers uniform looks really good here. The Canseco is nothing too special.

 Pack 5-
Cards I need: 15/15
Steroid Abusers: 2/15
 Four great long shots. Chamberlain's is really good, but ones like the Vaughn and the Gagne are some of the best ones, as they show the whole story, and they have so much detail packed in.

 Roger's part of the 10-card Member's Choice subset (in Series 2), and...yeah, in 1992 I could see that. Dykstra's batting his way to All Star entitlement, and an eventual World Series run.

 Pack 6-
Cards I needed: 14/15
Dupes: 1/15
Hometown Legends: 1/15
World Series Heroes: 2/15

 Two very cool-looking static Pirates.

 Kelly's hit one long. Oqeundo's trotting the base paths. I really dig Oquendo's oversized helmet.

 You don't see Kirk Gibson in many uniforms that aren't Detroit or LA ones. He looks pretty awesome in a KC one. Meanwhile, Shawon Dunston goes airborne to try to stop the runner at first after already nabbing David Justice.

 Annnnd our star cards. Justice is another Member's Choice, toweling off after being tagged out by Dunston. Meanwhile, Darren Daulton seems to be growing little inverted-Gossage-plugs on his chin, which....aren't looking great on him.

 Pack 7- IMPORTANT- This is when every once in a while, Topps would throw in a sixteenth card, which is awfully nice of them.
Cards I needed: 13/16
Dupes: 3/16
New York Legends: 2/16
 Contrast of emotions in Cleveland. Reggie's pissed. Luis is optimistic.

 A very poignant shot of Jeff Hamilton, and a very layered, nuanced shot of Glenn Sutko.

 Two guys that stuck around forever in New York. Mattingly made a name for himself as a hard-hitting hero before succumbing to injuries. John Franco managed to stick around for 10+ years as a steady closer for the Mets.

 Pack 8-
Cards I needed: 6/16
Dupes: 10/16
Hall of Famers: 1/16
Reigning MVPs: 1/16

 Ryno was awesome enough in 1991 to warrant a Member's Choice card, which fits. Terry Pendleton seems pretty disillusioned by the snub, though.

 Pack 9-
Cards I needed: 12/15
Dupes: 3/15
Greatest Cards of All Time: 1/15
 Nothing much here. Tom Goodwin's helmet, Frank Tanana being ancient.
But no, I have to point out one of the greatest things I've pulled out of a pack in years.

I'm actually disappointed in most of the blogosphere for not pointing this one out to me sooner. This is too good to be true. This looks more like a poster outside a car dealership in Arlington than an actual Stadium Club issue. So much to love here. I may have to devote a whole post prompt to this one someday.

 Pack 10-
Cards I needed: 11/15
Dupes: 4/15
Wild Things: 1/15

 The Bosio's great, but...just look at the Lance Johnson. That is an absolutely gorgeous shot of Comiskey Field, the sight lines. That is just beautiful photography. If only the Sierra card wasn't a thing, then maybe this would be the best card I pull today.

 Wild Thing, before giving up the homer to Joe Carter.
Also, a pretty nice Willie Wilson closeup.

 Pack 11-
Cards I needed: 15/15
Hall of Famers: 1/15
Intimidating Looking Pathetic Players: 1/15

 This is actually pretty cool, like a poster for a Kevin Costner movie.

 Two more awesome sideways shots. Redus rounds the bases, MacDonald angrily looks behind him, slightly resembling J. Walter Weatherman from Arrested Development.

 Kevin Appier and Charles Nagy, two career-90's pitchers.

 Kirby brings the awesome to this pack. Will Clark tries...but ends up taking some away.

 Pack 12-
Cards I need: 8/16
Dupes: 8/16

 Scott Servais looking focused is one of our few highlights here.
We'll end on these two, because this pack didn't have a hell of a lot to call home about.

12 packs done, and we're actually doing pretty well. I'll try to get Part 2 up tomorrow afternoon, and finish this up before the week's up.

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