Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty Within The Ugliness: Braves Edition

Ah, the wonders of baseball cards- a medium that can take something as torrid as the Braves' 2016 season, and make a graceful, poignant moment out of it.

Nick Markakis is one of the better members of the team, but that isn't saying too much. Look, at least he's done well enough that I can talk about him as one of the more impressive members of the team. He hasn't exactly hit for the cycle, unlike one of his teammates, but he's not exactly terrible.

Alright, enough about the Braves. Let's just focus on how awesome this custom is.

Coming Tonight- Remember when we were talking about how well the White Sox were doing. Here's one of their top starters, still trying to hold onto whatever wins they have.

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