Sunday, July 14, 2013

Card Show: A bizarre assortment of cheap cards

So yesterday, I'm about to head off to a local card show at a nearby mall...and my friend calls, and says he has an extra Phillies ticket. When the hell do I say no to that, regardless of the fact that they'd lose to the White Sox.

Thankfully, a day later, I finally got to the cards show. There were less 10 cent bins, though there was one nice one, and a few other places to draw cards from.

One guy had commons of this year's Topps set, which I went for. I might as well count the All Stars again:
400- David Wright, who's been doing alright this year. All Star #1
394- Ubaldo Jiminez
617- Fernando Rodney, who has cooled down.
619- Carlos Gomez. All Star #2.
639- Josh Hamilton. What the hell happened?
642- Austin Jackson
647- Adam Dunn. Aghhhhh...he hit against my team yesterday...
579- Adam LaRoche
584- Alfonso Soriano
603- Chris Perez, who isn't as high in the charts as he is high.
567- Soriano cl.
513- Zach McAllister, whose debut I watched in person.
516- Omar Infante.
527- Carlos Beltran. All Star #3
530- Wade Miley
487- Hanley Ramirez
499- Billy Butler, who isn't on the Home Run Derby roster. Thankfully, nobody's booing this year.
502- Patrick Corbin. All Star #4
450- Jay Bruce
454- Paul Goldschmidt. All Star #5
456- Pablo Sandoval.
462- Eduardo Nunez, one of the many disabled Yankees this year.
465- Placido Polanco
34- Felix Hernandez. All Star #6
30- Neftali Feliz
64- Will Middlebrooks
63- Justin Masterson. All Star #7
115- Tim Hudson
113- Starlin Castro
107- Joe Mauer, All Star #8
103- Evan Longoria
102- Denard Span
143- Jim Johnson
138- Michael Morse
125- Matt Holliday Wild Card
235- Jake Westbrook
222- Jason Heyward
215- Gordon Beckham. Sigh...
202- Zack Cozart.
267- Jason Kipnis, All Star #9
258- Doug Fister
344- Kris Medlen
364- Carlos Pena
349- Ernesto Frieri
401-Ryan Dempster
399- Shane Victorino
396- Aroldis Chapman. All Star #10
395- Alexei Ramirez. So many damn White Sox...
386- Brandon Phillips. All Star #11
449- Michael Cuddyer. All Star #12

I also got some stuff from 10 cent bins.
1999 Topps- Roy Halladay, Jorge Posada
2000 Topps- Jorge Posada
2002 Topps- Jorge Posada
2003 Topps- Jorge Posada (this dealer had a lot of Posada)
2004 Topps- Nomar Garciaparra, Roy Halladay Cy Young, Carlos Delgado, Tim Hudson, Mike Mussina,
2001 SP Authentic- Jorge Posada
2003 SP Authentic- Jim Thome
2005 SP Authentic- Randy Johnson
2009 SP Authentic- Roy Halladay
2007 Topps Heritage Roy Halladay
2009 Topps Heritage- Omar Vizquel, Clayton Kershaw,
2010 Topps Heritage- Johnny Damon
2007 Bowman Heritage- Ivan Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez
2010 Topps A&G Cliff Lee
2007 Topps Turkey Red Roy Halladay
2009 Goodwin Champions Carlos Delgado
2005 Diamond Kings Gary Sheffield
2008 Goudey Lou Brock
2009 Topps Propaganda Roy Halladay
2000 Topps Gallery Tony Gwynn
2005 Donruss Champions Rickey Henderson
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Lou Brock

Also, the legendary pack guy, who was there the first few shows of this blog, was there. I got packs of 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2005 Topps

590- Alex Gonzalez
573- Paul Byrd
491- Tony Womack. If has any significance, it's the fact that he played 2nd base for the Yankees before Robinson Cano did.
546- Mike (not Giancarlo) Stanton
409- Omar Vizquel. Nice!
715- Vladimir Guerrero MVP
635- Kelvim Escobar
461- Alex Rios
634- Mark Teixeria
603- Edwin Jackson

593- Jeff Bagwell
608- Mike Remlinger
533- James Baldwin
420- Paul Guantrill
665- B.J. Upton Draft Pick
692- Ichiro Gold Glove
451- Dustan Mohr
678- Lyle Overbay/Chad Tracy rookie
654- Giants
414- Reggie Taylor

125- John Smoltz. Nice
9- Todd Greene
74- Bernard Gilkey
25- Darin Erstad
163- Bill Spiers. Bhaaahhhh
26- Ricky Guittierez
170- Hey, a Roger Clemens
198- Jeff Montgomery
85- Barry Larkin
14- Brad Radke
52- Benny Agbayani
154- John Snyder
112- Mark Clark
143- Mike Mussina
Holy Crap, I got a Hank Aaron reprint, of his 1960 Topps card. That is awesome!
234- 20th Century's Best Rickey Henderson! WOO!

2 rookies of nobodies
318- Hey, it's Manny Ramirez!
375- Mike Mussina
376- Curtis Pride
351- Alan Benes
284- Scott Servais
425- Robin Ventura
393- Dean Palmer
349- Pete Schourek
316- Amaury Telemaco

So, that was a decent show, if mildly sparse.

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