Thursday, July 18, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Pence Edition

You know what's weird?

Exactly one year ago, Hunter Pence was playing for my team.

In his tenure with the Phillies, Hunter Pence proved himself to be a fun, energetic, and consistently awesome player. Unfortunately, Philly fans didn't really get a chance to fully embrace Pence-mania, as exactly a year after he joined the team, he was traded to the Giants for Nate Schierholtz. No, not 2013 Nate Schierholtz. 2012 Nate Schierholtz. So the Phils were screwed.

Now, Hunter Pence is playing...relatively well. He's in no way matching his numbers, or his awesomeness levels, with the Phillies, but he's still playing well for the Giants. And I know that he wasn't really considered for any All Star play, but as he was having a regular Hunter Pence season, a lot of people were having really, really nice seasons.

Still, he gives the Giants some nice performance, and as long as they keep him around, it's all good. And if they feel like trading him...Philly needs a little help. Just saying.

Coming Tomorrow- His last numbers were with the 2011 Giants, which he was released from. Now he's having slightly better days with a slightly worse team.

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