Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Cabrera Edition

Asdrubal Cabrera is one of the premiere shortstops in baseball, and he has been ever since he had the unassisted triple play in 2008. I feel like his name is always destined to come atop lists of the best AL shortstops, because that's kinda what's supposed to happen.

Of course, being that it's July, trade rumors are sweeping around the coast and putting teams in a mad frenzy (you'd think it was the stomach bug or something). And naturally, being as Cabrera's contract is nearly up, and he plays for a team that isn't exactly affluent, his name's being passed around.

I'd like for him to stay on the Indians, though I'm not entirely sure that this will happen. So, I'll at least prepare the teams I DON'T want Asdrubal Cabrera to land on:
  • Cardinals. Sadly, this team is highest in the debate. For some strange reason, even if they already have two trusted shortstops, they're in the running to snag Asdrubal Cabrera. Okay, because that reasoning totally makes sense. I mean, not only do you have a still-good Rafael Furcal, but don't they have Daniel Descalsco as well? And also, evidently they're using Pete Kozma in there as well. Those are TWO good shortstops, plus an injured Rafael Furcal. Why would they NEED Asdrubal Cabrera? Is it like a Detroit thing, where they're just getting them to block everybody else from getting him? That dick move doesn't always work, guys, especially if you have THREE BACKUPS ALREADY.
  • Red Sox. I know they wouldn't have a reason, but I still don't want them to grab him last second.
  • Nationals or Braves. Because things are bad enough for the Phillies as it is.
  • Rays. Just because it might happen out of absolutely nowhere.
  • Tigers. Because they have enough stolen unnecessary players.
  • Astros or Marlins. For his own sake.
  • Yankees, in that matter. I know we're desperate and money-grubbing, but really, we don't want to stunt his growth by bringing him over here. Besides, we're already got a pretty good shortstop.
So yeah, that's my thing on Asdrubal Cabrera. He better not land in any of those places, especially St. Louis.

Coming Tomorrow- A nicely timed breakout by a former catcher in Oakland.

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