Sunday, July 14, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Frustrating Verlander Edition

Okay, let me clarify that title a bit before I sprawl right into my rant. You see, Justin Verlander does not frustrate me. Far from it, actually. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball, and he's garnered that awesome custom above.

What frustrates me is the fact that due to a minor technicality, Justin Verlander will not be pitching in the All Star Game that he was voted to be a part of.

The reason being that Verlander pitched today, the Sunday before the All Star break. If he pitches today, then he can't pitch, like, ONE INNING of the All Star game in two days. And that I don't freaking understand. The All Star game does not involve strenuous activity to warm up, or train, or anything. All you do is go out there, pitch for a little bit, and then wait for Jim Leyland to give one of the other pitchers a chance. You can do that on two days' rest. But evidently, the MLB says you can't, and now Verlander has to miss out on the All Star game, and one that he DESERVES to go to.

That is my least favorite rule in all of sports, because it takes away a much-needed privilege, one that many players kill for. And the MLB has done nothing to fix this rule, because they don't wanna disrupt the tradition of the ASG being on a Tuesday, because that certainly works with everyone's schedule. Also, since Jim Leyland is the one MANAGING the AL team, couldn't he have just, you know, gotten another pitcher and put HIM in? Like, Verlander could miss a start, he has an All Star game ahead. Couldn't Leyland have just brought up another starter, or just gotten Porcello or somebody to do it? It's easily solvable, but because the fans wanted JUSTIN VERLANDER, then it's worth missing an All Star game over.

Here's something else that's infuriating- the replacements the managers are pegging for dropouts like Verlander, Jeff Locke, and Jordan Zimmerman, are people that really shouldn't be at an All Star game. For instance, Mark Melancon of the Pirates was brought into the roster, which baffles me, because all he is is a middle reliever. You can't stack a pitching staff full of middle relievers that you're not even gonna use. Get some starters that are lying around. I'm sure Zack Greinke didn't have anything better to do. Though I will say that Sergio Romo at least partially deserves it. Just not effing Melancon.

So, yeah. Pretty bummed that Verlander isn't going to be pitching at the All Star Game, because he'd probably be starting. And I know I'm made my stance clear on this issue before. I'm just letting it out there. I mean, I'm sure the Tigers fans aren't bummed, because they still have, like, 20 other players representing them.

At least this didn't cost me anybody on my teams.

Coming Tomorrow- Somebody having to do with the All Star Game or Home Run Derby. Also, I have a Tim Lincecum Highlight card to make.

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