Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Cuddyer Edition

Two years ago, we were all talking about Dan Uggla. Dan Uggla was having a monster season, built up by a nice, prolonged hitting streak going through the middle of the season. We were all watching, and the Braves fans were cheering.

Now, it's Michael Cuddyer's turn, and it's about time. Aside from generally-okay seasons with Minnesota, Cuddyer hasn't really done too much in the MLB, aside from serving as the Scotty to Mauer and Morneau's Kirk and Spock. I mean, he's very good, but he never posts amazing numbers. This season, however, he has a 27 game hitting streak going.

I'll admit I'm very happy for him. Not only is it good for him, but it's good for baseball. You don't know how boring it gets during July, and streaks like these are what plunges baseball forward into the top stories on ESPN.

Not much else to say tonight other than I hope that he keeps it going.

Update, not even three hours later: Well, he broke the streak. And now I'm sitting here, once again very, very wrong about it. It's like I set myself up for this crap.

Coming Tomorrow- Hey, it's one of the Pittsburgh Pirates! And it's one of the ones that are doing really well!

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