Saturday, July 27, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses! Part 2- Panini Totally Certified

Continuing with our daily dose of football cards that are open to any prospective wanters, our next box is of 2012 Panini Totally Certified, another set I wasn't familiar with. However, it's another high end premium set, based around game useds, autos, and glossy base cards. I think it's one hit per pack, and 6 packs.

Pack 1-
Base Cards: Fred Jackson, Jim Plunkett, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush.
I like the base cards, how cool they look. The player selection is pretty nice, as it mixes in current players with lesser known former players, like Plunkett over there.
Our first game used of the pack is a pretty good one, of Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens. I have to say, this is a pretty nice one, compared to everything I pulled out of the Topps one. Very nice.
As you can see, it's numbered to 99. Which is pretty nice.

Pack 2-
Base Cards: Percy Harvin, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Brown. Wow, another nice retired player.
Parallel- Jim Plunkett. This is a pretty nice one, as Plunkett is a well revered QB for his performance in the 1980 Super Bowl.
Also, this one's #'d to 199, which is nice.
Game used: Okay, it's a good player, but it's still Miles Austin of the Cowboys. This marks a Giants relic, a Cowboys relic, and zero Eagles ANYTHING.
Pack 3-
Base Cards: Rod Smith, Jim McMahon, Brandon Marshall and Hakeem Nicks. The first two are more examples of great choices for a set like this.
Autograph: Rod Smith of the Broncos. This is actually pretty nice. It's not on card, but it's a nice auto of a great player. And...

It's numbered to only five copies! That's actually pretty awesome.
Pack 4-
Base Cards: Bernie Kosar, Darren McFadden, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch. Again, great selection.
And...another redemption. This one for Jorvorskie Lane of the Dolphins. Not as good as some of the other hits, but still pretty good, I guess.
Pack 5-
Base Cards: Marcedes Lewis, Drew Bledsoe, Ben Roethlisberger and Cris Carter. Great selection again, as Carter's a Hall of Famer (now).
and then...oh my gosh, not another one...
My game used/auto here is YET ANOTHER DAVID WILSON. Combined with the Archives one from last month, and the Triple Threads one from yesterday...that makes THREE. THREE DAVID WILSON GAME USEDS I'VE PULLED. I'd be madder if they were all the same card, but still...THREE!
Pack 6-
Base Cards: Ray Rice, Michael Turner, Andy Dalton, Fred Davis.
Game Used (and this is a pretty nice one)- A stitches in time relic of Roddy White, Steve Johnson and Hakeem Nicks, all three very nice players. This is a really nice one.'s numbered to 34. This was a nice one.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the results of my Panini box, as they far exceed the high end Topps. If you want actual stars like Ed Reed, and legends like Rod Smith, then get a box of Panini something.
Again, if anybody wants any of the cards featured, just lemme know, and after all the packs are posted, they'll be sent. Don't know if I'll post any tomorrow, but you never know.

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  1. Nice break. While you didn't get any Eagles, I'd still consider it an above average box.

    Again, I'd be interested in the David Wilson, and Steve Johnson (w/R. White & H. Nicks), and Andy Dalton base card please.

    Thanks again!