Sunday, July 21, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Wood Edition

Travis Wood is only significant right now because he's one of the few Cubs who aren't doing terribly right now. In other words, he hasn't gotten the hint.

I mean, it was a bit infuriating for everyone (or just me) when Travis Wood pitched a near-no-no against the Phillies a few years back. But now he's actually pitching well for Chicago. In fact, him and Garza are both pitching well, yet it's Garza that's likely going to be traded by the end of the month, because...well, why not?

If the Cubs hold onto Travis Wood, he'll at least finish out the season knowing that he didn't completely suck, and that he did better than he did in 2012, and that he totally outdid Samardizjia, or however you spell that.

Coming Tomorrow- Another Milwaukee Brewer. Yeah. I know what place they are in the division. Deal with it.

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