Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses!: Intro

About a week ago, a mystery package from a mystery contact came into my possession. I'm going to continue to withhold my contact's name, for the sake of the remainder of his mission. But either way, I got a package from my mystery contact, without any prompt, or any forward info.

My first action was to make sure the box wasn't ticking.

It wasn't.

I eventually opened the box, and these are what I took out of the package.
For those of you curious, those are hobby boxes of Topps Flagship, Topps Archives, Topps Triple Threads and Panini Totally Certified, from last year (2012).
Now, I spent a few days mulling over what I would do with these boxes. I mean, obviously I would rip them, but would I hold some sort of group break, or contest? Would I greedily keep them all for myself? Would I smash them together to see which box holds up?
Actually, none of them. I was going to do a group break, but I felt like I'm too young, inexperienced, and lazy for that sort of thing.
So, here's what I'm going to do. Over the next few days, I am indeed going to show you what came out of these boxes. A lot of nice stuff might be found. Now, being that this isn't a group break, I'm not going to be automatically sending out these cards for multiple people.
If you, fair reader, see anything among the assorted ripped boxes that you would like, then make your voice heard in the comments of the coming post. Be it base cards, inserts, autos, game-useds, dummy cards, whatever- if you want it, ask for it, and it can be yours.
And because I'm generous, because I'm a nice guy, you can ask for multiple things from multiple posts. If you see something from one box that you love...and then you see that there's another card from another box that you just have to have, I'll put them both into a total at the end of the week, and I'll send them out in the same package. Especially if there's somebody in this group break that's very well represented when it comes to game useds.
So there it is. It's sort of a contest, sort of a group break, sort of a simple way to get awesome football cards. Anyway you look at it, it's a great deal.


  1. Any Shady McCoy cards I'd be interested!

  2. Awesome and generous idea! Excited to see more.