Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who says you can't go home? Me.

It's the end of July, and you know what that means?

No, not for the Pirates to choke again.

That's right, trades are brewing, not unlike liquor at Oktoberfest. And because they're kinda awful (see Sunday's appropriate post), the Cubs have really been the most at fault during the week. They've already lost Matt Garza, sending him to the Rangers (a mecca for deadline-dealt pitchers) for a few prospects and Mike Olt, whose potential has faded slightly now that he's a Cub.

Now I'm hearing that Alfonso Soriano may be next, and that's interesting in itself. However, he's looking to rejoin my team.

And...I really don't know what to think about that.

For a while, Soriano was one of my favorite players. And when he joined the Cubs in 2007, he was coming off a great season with Washington. That 2007 season was just as good, and I was excited at that point that he was doing well outside of the Yankees. It really saddened me that he kept getting hurt and sliding farther downhill every season. I can say that he's doing slightly better this season, but that's in comparison to the last few seasons.

If he joins the Yankees again, he's not gonna be the same guy we gave up for A-Rod. He's gonna be more in the category of a DH, which is kinda what makes up 1/3 of our team. I mean, he'll be a good addition to our series of rotating aging outfielders, and he'll be good off the bench, but I don't think he'll perform as well as he did for the us back in the early 2000's. I don't know if this is gonna work for us. I just don't.

If it happens, I'll be happy that we get him back. If it doesn't, then I'll just hold out for a younger player getting traded to the Yanks

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