Friday, July 12, 2013

Custom Card of the Day- Gomez Edition

What the hell happened to the Brewers?

I mean, for a week back in April they were the best team in baseball. And then everything just came crashing down. Braun got injured, the team stopped hitting, and the other four teams buried them in the standings. Also, Rickie Weeks' inconsistency hasn't helped matters very much.

The one upside to everything is that they have Carlos Gomez. After trading JJ Hardy to get him (which, seeing what he's doing in Baltimore, wasn't the brightest idea), Gomez has had a few mediocre seasons, and now he's doing very well.

What makes him an All Star is his prowess in the field. I mean, he can hit, but he's more of a defensive choice, as he's still speedy, and is better at stealing bases and catching flies. And this season, he's just been playing very well, leading in the WAR charts, and being one of the few strong spots of his lineup.

I'm glad he got the All Star nod, for that reason.

Coming Tomorrow- Possibly an outfielder for another struggling team, who also has an All Star nod.

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