Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tonight's All Star Game: Starting Lineups

Because it's one of the most important days in baseball, I feel the need to immortalize today's starters, by showing the customs of each member of each team's lineup.

First, the AL:

Batting first, for the American League, left fielder for the Anaheim Angels...MIKE TROUT!

Batting second, second baseman for the New York Yankees...ROBINSON CANO!

Batting third, the third baseman, from the Detroit Tigers, and the reigning MVP....MIGUEL CABRERA!
Batting cleanup, the first baseman, from the Baltimore Orioles...CHRIS DAVIS!
Batting fifth, the right fielder, from the Toronto Blue Jays...JOSE BAUTISTA!
Batting sixth, the designated hitter, from the Boston Red Sox...DAVID ORTIZ!
Batting seventh, the centerfielder, from the Baltimore Orioles...ADAM JONES!
Batting eighth, catcher for the Minnesota Twins...JOE MAUER!
And batting last, the shortstop, from the Baltimore Orioles...J.J. HARDY!
Starting on the mound, for the American League, from the Detroit Tigers...MAX SCHERZER!

And now, the NL:

Leading off for the National League, second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds...BRANDON PHILLIPS!
Batting second, the right fielder, from the St. Louis Cardinals...CARLOS BELTRAN!
Batting third, first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds...JOEY VOTTO!
Batting cleanup for the N.L., the third baseman for YOUR NEW YORK METS...DAVID WRIGHT!
(Five minutes go by so the fans can stop applauding).

Fifth in the lineup tonight, the left fielder, from the Colorado Rockies...CARLOS GONZALEZ!
Batting Sixth, catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals...YADIER MOLINA!

Batting Seventh, shortstop for the Colorado Rockies....TROY TULOWITZKI!
Batting Eighth, the designated hitter, from the Colorado Rockies....MICHAEL CUDDYER!
And batting last for the NL...the centerfielder, from the Washington Nationals....BRYCE HARPER!
Starting on the mound for the N.L. tonight, from YOUR NEW YORK METS...MATT HARVEY!
(applause for an hour)

As for tonight's game, hopefully it'll be a well fought matchup for both sides, and I hope I'll have a good time watching it.

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