Saturday, July 13, 2013

So I went to a Phillies game...

...They lost.

To the White Sox.

Part of me isn't surprised at all.

I'll say that it was close. We were hitting, and then three innings later they would tie it, and then Ruf would hit one out, and it'd be tied again. Like, we definitely hung in there against the formidable third-to-last-place team.

Of course, then it rained. Quite a bit, actually.

And it stopped for a while, and then it came back, and there was a rain delay. Once the tarps came back off, we went through two straight innings of loading the bases, and then leaving those guys on. Because the Phillies are great with toying with our emotions.

Unfortunately, it ended with the entire White Sox lineup ganging up on J.C. Ramirez, and consecutive errors by J-Rol and Young, plus a nice double play that ruined any offensive efforts we had going.

Yet, needless to say, it was nice to get out of the house and see a Phillies game, even if they lost. I mean, the Phillies are kinda meant to lose. It's just rare that I win when I see them.

But still, even if it was a depressing baseball game, it's still a baseball game.

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