Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Beard Remains the Same, in Dodgertown

Back in December, when the Yankees were close to signing Kevin Youkilis, whom I had previously crowned the most infuriating player in baseball, I wrote a whole post on how weird it must be to have your team's greatest enemy join your own side. I liken this to seeing Ben Linus from Lost, the scummiest, evilest villain in the history of the show, suddenly start helping our heroes. It's incredibly weird, and it's incredibly hard to get used to.

Keeping that in mind, my Dodger fan friends much be feeling especially weird to see the man above joining their squad as of today, on a minor league deal.

Yes, I know that he might not be used as the closer, but Brian Wilson is still going to be a Dodger anyway, and many Dodger fans probably are horrified at this prospect. The same Brian Wilson who fanned all their batters while making bizarre yells for the fans is going to be joining their own squad, and I won't blame them if they can't fathom this. Imagine what I felt when Youk joined the Yankees. Hell, you could argue that he's still a Red Sox at heart, because he's barely played any games as a Yankee.

The question now is whether or not he'll be able to pitch the way he did in 2010 and 2011, or even 2008 when he got his first All Star nod. He's since had Tommy John surgery, but we know that that doesn't always lead to a full comeback(see: Wolf, Randy). So really, the Dodger just paid for a question mark, but hopefully he'll be able to get back into the game, and hopefully return to closing.

And I personally hope he keeps the beard.

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