Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Segura Edition

I feel it's kinda nice that Jean Segura is blossoming out in Milwaukee, being that this time last year he was trying to blossom out in Anaheim.

I mean, with all the prospects that are gonna get tossed around like tennis balls in the next few days, you have to wonder which ones are gonna land on the ground, and which ones are gonna go over the gate and into the highway. Jean Segura's one of the ones that made it, thankfully, but there are people like Mike Olt that are just question marks right now.

People ask what would happen if Jean Segura didn't get traded to the Angels for Zack Greinke. I'll say this: he would have been traded for somebody else soon anyway. Segura didn't fit in that roster, and I don't think somebody that young and speedy really fit in that lineup of gargantuan gods. So really, it was better for him to be traded somewhere that the city's biggest star would be taken out eventually.

Not much else to say tonight.

Coming Tomorrow- A shortstop for an AL Central team who is in danger of being traded.

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