Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Pedroia Edition

Well, the Red Sox are...(checks ESPN)...still on top! Whew. Just had to check for a second, because absolutely nobody is talking about them.

I mean, the other divisions, you at least hear some rumblings, on the underdog teams that have somehow managed to get into first, and there's some talk. The Red Sox are in first, and nobody's talking about it. Like, their pitching is great, and their hitting is improving. Nothing on that?

At least people started talking about Dustin Pedroia once he got that All Star nod, and how far he's come from the rookie from 2007. What's great about Pedroia is that he's slowly become a leader in Boston, and he's basically the team captain, without anyone actually electing him. I know Papi's been there longer, but even if Papi's the star of the show, he's not the leader. I mean, there's a reason why Raphael wasn't the lead Ninja Turtle, to coin an odd reference.

Still, I'll admit that Pedroia's good for Boston, because they need a universally awesome player to keep things together over there. You could argue that Pedroia's leadership has led to the great season, though some people are just saying it's because Valentine's gone.

Bottom line- I really don't hate Pedroia. If he's helping the team, then he should be revered, rather than hated.

Coming Tomorrow- Most likely another All Star. I need to pick one from my several already finished customs.

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