Monday, July 8, 2013

Rack Pack of Archives, and a Hanger Box of Series 2

You know the deal. I was bored, so I got some cards, they are awesome, and everybody's already ripped a billion packs of them, and A&G isn't out yet.

However, to spice up these rips, for every card of an 2013 All Star, I will award a point, and for every double of an All Star, I will subtract a point.

first, the rack pack of Archives.

8- ROY HALLADAY! Hell of a player, and glad that he's on my team, though sad that he's forgotten how to pitch.
75- CJ Wilson, One-Trick Pony extraordinaire
118- Brandon Belt. I already have this one, but he didn't make the All Star team, so nyeh.
191- MARK TEIXEIRA! I also already have this one, but he's too injured to be an All Star.
HEY, WOW! It's a '72 Basketball insert of WILLIE MCCOVEY! I think these babies are 1:24, so it's awesome that I got one, and I'm glad it's a Hall of Famer.
YET THAT WASN'T ENOUGH! I got ANOTHER 72 Basketball insert, of LOU BROCK!
So...if these are 1 in 24 packs...and I got 2 in ONE pack...some freaking weird collation is going on.
Nevertheless, I'm happy to get these two awesome inserts of HOFers.
134- Wei-Yin Chen, another Taiwanese player.
198- Jason Heyward. Haven't heard as much from him this season.
48- Ryne Sandberg. What is this, the Hall of Fame hot pack?
15- 'Mike' Morse, thankfully wearing a Mariners uniform.
58- Cole Hamels. Wow, two Phillies pitchers with crappy 2013 seasons in one pack!
107- Kendrys Morales.
180- Buster Posey. All Star #1. And deservedly so.
55- CC SABATHIA! Sadly missed the All Star team (again), but he's still awesome.
149- Hisashi Iwakuma. All Star #2. King Felix' 2nd in command.
186- Brett Lawrie.
6- Adrian Gonzalez. Do I count him even though he's a Final Man candidate? Aw, screw it. Doin' it anyway. All Star #3.
63- David Freese. Blech.

And now the hanger box of Series 2-
416- Jordan Lyles.
452- Raul Ibanez. I have this one, but he's not an All Star
417- Logan Forsythe
544- Tyler Chatwood
405- Hector Sanchez, Buster Posey's backup. Must have already had that depressing chat with Bengie Molina.
595- David Ortiz. I do not believe I have this one, so All Star #4.
350- Albert Pujols. Sorry, but this calls for All Stars THIS YEAR, not from the 2000's. But still, Pujols is awesome.
526- Tyler Flowers. Is he related to Brandon or Ramona?
461- Drew Pomeranz
531- Craig Gentry
453- Troy Tulowitzki. All Star #5, but double. All Stars: 3.
600- Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer of all time. Sadly, a double. All Star #6, but All Stars: 2.
587- Matt Cain. Not an all star. Still a double.
654-Brandon Barnes.
359- CC checklist.
565- Torii Hunter red. All Star #7, and All Stars: 3.
458- Jake Peavy red.
537- Neil Walker red.
336- Hank Conger red.
430- Josh Harrison red
Chasing History Shiny of Stephen Strasburg! If this were 2012, or 2010, I'd be really excited!
Chasing History Shiny of Troy Tulowitzki! All Star #5 again, but being that I don't have this insert of him, All Stars have 4 points.
Chasing History Shiny of Dustin Pedroia! All Star #8, and All Stars: 5.
Chasing History Shiny of Manny Machado! I think he's awesome, by the way. All Star #9 and All Stars: 6.
Cut to the Chase of CAL RIPKEN! Always awesome to pull a Cal.
WBC of Anthony Rizzo. This one I do have, but he's not an All Star. Any Italians/Cubs fans who want this one?
610- Brandon Beachy, who hasn't played since last year.
621- Steve Cishek, who plays for the Marlins. Which is worse?
594- Carl Crawford! I sincerely hope this guy gets to the level of performance he hit with Tampa.
423- Miguel Gonzalez
380- Juan Nicasio. I love his bug-eyed expression.
463- Jason Hammel, who is probably the Orioles' best pitcher
566- CJ Wilson.
378- Joe Kelly
554- R.A. Dickey...but I have him.
577- Matt Harvey. All Star #10, but unfortunately he's a double. All Stars: 5.
628- Martin Maldonado
498- Martin Prado.
428- Kyle McPherson
481- Justin Wilson. Doubles and pathetic players galore.
459- Jesus Montero, but I have him
407- Juan Pierre, but I have him
509- Photoshopped Brennan Boesch
620- Hector Santiago.
362- Yoenis Cespedes. I think I don't have this one.
550- Matt Joyce
444- Jordan Walden
347- Brett Anderson
495- Joaquin Benoit. He's a final man candidate, so All Star(?) #11, and All Stars: 6.
640- Jason Castro. All Star #12, All Stars: 7.
486- Jason Kubel
517- Pedro Alvarez
440- Ian Kinsler. Somehow, not an All Star.
536- Mike Trout Defensive Player of the Year. Didn't know MLB did that. All Star #13, All stars: 8
583- Alejandro De Aza
Code Card. Just for the sake of ripping;
I unlocked Eric Hosmer. He is not an All Star. I do not get anything from this site. Bleh.
Chasing History of Willie McCovey. Nice!
Tyler Skaggs Making their Mark.
402- Tom Wilhelmsen EMERALD SHINY
72 mini of Cole Hamels.
547- Glen Perkins. All Star #14, All Stars:9.
614- BJ Upton. His season isn't going as planned.
630- Andy Dirks'
602- Anibal Sanchez
643- Matt Garza, who's playing pretty well.
607- Chris Carter.
339- Hey! It's Nick Swisher!
443- Lou Marson
376- Juan Pierre Checklist, which is nice.
369- Bryce Harper ROY. All Star #15, All Stars: 10.
422- Alfredo Marte
392- Tom Koehler

So, those were some nice packs. Both products are still nice, and it was nice to pull two rare inserts out of a pack.

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