Friday, July 19, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Tejada Edition

That feeling of surprise that's arising upon viewing this custom? Well, that's a three part feeling.

1. Surprise of the fact that Miguel Tejada is on the Royals.
2. Surprise of the fact that Miguel Tejada is still playing.
3. Surprise of the fact that the Royals are still a team.

I mean, it is truly shocking. The Royals have just been a tiny little blip on the radar of the AL Central, in between the war of the Indians and Tigers. A lot of people might have forgotten that Tejada's still on the Royals. Yet, that really speaks volumes in terms of the team's quality. When Miguel Tejada is still employed by a team, you know they're in trouble.

Do I think that Miguel Tejada will remain on a baseball club by this time next year? Probably not. However, I'm at least glad that he's still out there.

Coming Tomorrow- Well, I've got a doozy of a posting day tomorrow, and it involves a package I got in the mail from an ultra-secret contact, that contained card-related projects. And that I'll definitely get to, because it might turn into a group break, contest, or SOMETHING.

In terms of customs? Expect an Anaheim Angel.

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