Sunday, July 28, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Gordon Edition

Back in 2006, there was an entire blogosphere frenzy on Alex Gordon. Remember that? If not, Gordon was the original Strasburg Harper Yasiel Puig. Topps hyped him up like crazy, even to the point where they gimmicked his rookie card, sending set collectors and mojo collectors alike into a maddening tailspin.

Why was this card gimmicked? Why did Topps infuriate so many people by making a card more rare?

Topps tried this again with Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg, gimmicking their rookies and hyping them up from here to Tuesday. But the difference between them and Gordon is that they are still going through the whole 'high class phenom' thing. Alex Gordon is different. There was a moment where Alex Gordon stopped being the ultra mega rookie, and started being just plain Alex Gordon.

Does that mean his cards are worth less than Harper's and Strasburg's. Slightly, but Gordon never did any of the huge things people thought he would when he was coming up, similar to Jeff Francoeur. Gordon's had a few All Star seasons, and for the most part, he's been a generally okay player. Nothing absolutely huge, but he's good, and he's a nice star.

I liken this back to when everyone thought Fred Lynn would be the next Yaz, and he ended up being...Fred Lynn, just a normal, okay player. The hype was all there, but the player didn't earn the hype.

Does that mean I don't think Alex Gordon is a good player? No, I think he's great. It's just odd that Topps and everyone in 2006 thought he would be huge come today. Maybe it'll be similar when Bryce Harper mellows out, and everyone will wonder what the hell garnered all that hype.

Coming Tomorrow- This Sunday I'll be seeing the Braves play the Phillies. For the sake of my team, I hope that this guy isn't pitching. 

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