Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Blasterful of 2015 Stadium Club: Worth (Basically) Every Penny

You know...sometimes taking the stupid way into something can be the best way in.

I tried spending some time collecting Stadium Club via JustCommons, but it didn't feel genuine. That's why I felt the only way to really be content with myself would be to purchase a blaster of the product, despite how unfairly priced the product was. I just had to. It was, to me, the only way.

Here now, are the highlights of said purchase. If you're a Cubs fan, you might like this blaster.

Pack 1- I do agree with the comment that these cards look better under a scanner than they do in person, foil-wise. It's a very minimalistic use of foil, and in this case it works out. They still make the photos crisp, and well filtered, especially the Shields. I also like the use of the Spring Training uniform in Moss' card.

Best card in Pack 1. By far. I mean, my gosh. That is an actual work of art. Screw baseball cards. That should be hanging in a gallery.

Pack 2- A lot of cards that people around the 'sphere have been talking about. The Seager was relatively new to my eyes. The Wheeler is a hell of a card. Man, three of the best arms in baseball on one card...and one rotation.

Best card in the pack. Very simple, too. Just a batting practice shot of Joe Mauer. The filtering and the detail makes this so much cooler, so much grander.

Pack 3. Two really nice sideways shots. Hunter's is a bit 2009 OPC-esque, though.

One of the things I love about the 2015 release is the emphasis on fringe players from the 80's and 90's, guys that don't always come up in everyday conversation. Mickey Tettleton is one of those guys. Played some great seasons for the Orioles, Tigers and Rangers back in the 90's, and this is a pretty nice card of him, too.

Two highlights here. One is an awesome black and white photograph of Joe Morgan, who was at the All Star Game last night. Wonderful card. The Yu Darvish next to him is a gold parallel, which is a 1:4 pack insert, which isn't bad.

Pack 4 begins with two horizontal Rangers. I love the photo on the Guilder Rodriguez. Just the look of joy on his face. The Odor is a pretty nice double play shot.

Tale of two pirates. The guy on the left had a pretty nice career in the 80's and 90's, was part of those great pennant-contending Pirates teams, and his son is now one of the many outfielders for the Dodgers. The guy on the right is part of one of the strongest outfields in the NL, and is making a lot of stolen bases in Pittsburgh.

Our highlight here is another parallel, this time a BLACK parallel of Jake Marisnick, which is seeded every one in 8 packs, which is another nice pull.

Pack 5, base wise, is pretty nondescript. The bottom two cards are usual Topps fare. The top two are really nice. The Mesoraco is zoomed in just wide enough, and the Robinson has that grainy, 1960's feel to it, which is really nice.

My insert, however, is a pretty nice one, a Legends insert of Ty Cobb, die cut and everything. Not one of the better inserts in the set, but still a nice pull.

Pack #6 begins with two really nice horiz. shots. The Hardy is a really cool one. The shot of Avila doubling over, legs in the air, and Hardy on his back, plus the umpire calling him safe, is really nice, not too crowded.
Two rookies. I don't know a ton about McCann, but I really, REALLY like Maikel Franco. He needs to keep it up, because once Hamels and Howard leave, we're not gonna have too much.



I pulled the jackpot.

I don't think I'd be able to replicate the expression I made when this fell out of the pack. I didn't think I'd ever own this card, and now it's in my scanner. That's kind of insane. One of the biggest rookie cards of the year, and it's mine all mine.

Three really nice static shots start off Pack 7. Zook is a little out of place in this matchup, but he's too happy to care. I LOVE that Sandberg. More with detail and filters. And the Eck has been praised by literally everyone, so I won't say too much more.

Best base card of the pack is this really nice, background-foreground combo in the Howard. Even if Ryan Howard has definitely fallen far since the 2011 season, I still think he's a nice player.

And then the insert in this pack...might be one of the best things I've pulled out of a pack in a long, long time...

Let me give that a moment to sink in.

That is a GOLD PARALLEL of a Contact Sheet insert of Anthony Rizzo...which is numbered to 50 COPIES...which is a REALLY NICE pull, especially considering it's of somebody I really, really enjoy. Very satisfied with this.

Pack 8 opens with these two...questionable choices for a 300 card set.

Followed by two really nice cards of newly-minted Tigers. I do prefer the Cespedes, as it's closer to 90's SC than a lot of cards in this set.

And our insert this pack is...

...the exact same insert from the last pack, only without the serial numbering.

Either way, it's Rizzo.

Those were some very nice packs, and I got some GREAT cards that I needed, including a Kris Bryant rookie and that awesome Anthony Rizzo insert. Kind of takes the sting out of not pulling any Yankees.


  1. Love the B&W photographs in this set. Topps hit a home run with this product.

  2. Speaking as a Cubs fan, I can confirm that we would like this blaster!