Saturday, July 4, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Hammel Edition

I feel like the sports media is very quick to turn on the Cubs every time they've lost a few games this season. They win some, it's 'CAN THE CUBS GET TO THE POSTSEASON'. They lose some, it's 'WHAT HAS JOE MADDON DONE WRONG???'

Last week I heard Joe Maddon got a magician in the clubhouse to turn the club's luck around. However, by the time the magician left, Maddon realized that he was missing both his wallet and his third baseman.

Jason Hammel is one of the few people holding up the pitching rotation this year, along with Jake Arrieta, and he's doing well enough that Cubs fans are behind him. Yeah, they're still reeling from the fact that Jon Lester is only human. But as long as somebody like Hammel is pitching well, and throwing a ton of strikes, they're fine.

The Cubs do need a bit of pitching support if they want to contend, because they can't coast on Tsuyoshi Wada's insane run-allowing skills alone. I'd love it if they got somebody like Hamels, even though there's a snowball's chance in hell of that happening. Still, if they get a few more pieces, they could definitely contend. Maybe not this year, but eventually.

Coming Tomorrow- The hard-hitting third baseman for a team that's staying well out of the chase in the AL East.

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