Tuesday, July 7, 2015

All-Star Custom of the Night: deGrom Edition

I was talking to my uncle, a Mets fan living in Boston. I'd like to preface this by saying I feel very sorry for him.

The one thing he said about the Mets' current situation is that the pitching is so good that it's pretty sad that the hitting can't help them. And that's the biggest problem with the Mets right now. They have, without a doubt, the best pitching staff in baseball, featuring:

Matt Harvey, the guy who had an unbelievable start to the season and started for the NL All Star team in 2013.
Jacob deGrom, the guy who won the NL Rookie of the Year, and has some of the most ferocious stuff in the majors right now.
Noah Syndergaard, the guy who's already had 60 strikeouts in ten games, making himself a pretty nice presence in the bigs.
Bartolo Colon, the guy who I'm beginning to think is not human, pitching like he's 20-something way into his 40's, and who has more wins than anybody else on the team.
Jonathan Niese, the guy who's been on the Mets longer than any of these guys, and is rocking a decent ERA with an okay record.
And Steven Matz, who might be just as good a hitter as he is a pitcher.

Keep in mind, Zach Wheeler is waiting in the wings, injured this season but still a part of the loop. So those are SEVEN, SEVEN really nice pitchers on one team. And somehow, the team's not hitting.

Like, occasionally somebody like Curtis Granderson or Lucas Duda will have a hit, and Juan Lagares had a nice enough beginning of the season, but for the most part, not a lot is happening. And that's kind of sad, because this has the potential to be a great team, and has the rotation that rivals Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz, even if Colon or Niese leaves.

Hopefully the Mets will do something about their lineup, and hopefully the arms will stay this good.

Coming Tomorrow- The Rays pitcher who is making fans almost forget the fact that David Price just left last year.

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