Thursday, July 16, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Martinez Edition

Only one more day until baseball comes back.

It's been a few boring days without baseball, and I can only take one or two of those. So, thankfully, tomorrow games start right back up again, and the SECOND HALF of the season begins. And all the developments that occurred from April until mid-July could have a chance to completely backfire.

Will the Astros make it all the way to the postseason? It looks like they've got a hell of a shot, as they're definitely hitting, and once Springer gets back off the DL, they'll have even more packed in. People are saying that one more really good pitcher could seal the deal, and there are a few of those on the trade market.

Will Zack Greinke continue to be untouchable? In the ASG, he only gave up one hit, and it was a homer. But the guy's got the lowest ERA before the All Star Game in a very long while. He's been unstoppable this season, and if he has enough run support, which is likely, he's gonna have just as big a finish.

Will the Tigers continue to be a non-factor in the AL Central? Most of their standouts are either slumping or on the DL, save for Iglesias, JD Martinez and Cespedes. And David Price might not be enough in the rotation.

Will the Mets catch up to the Nationals? They're close enough in the standings, and if the rotations of both teams hang on, it's going to be a very tough fight to the end.

Will the Cubs stay in the race for the NL Central? Both teams in front are pretty tight, as the Cardinals would have to take a HUGE hit in order to fall out of the race, and the Pirates are also surging in second. But the Cubs do have a lot of promise, and maybe with one or two more pieces they can secure that last Wild Card spot.

Still, it's gonna be a great end to the season, and anything can happen.

Coming Tomorrow- A Cardinals pitcher who has been really impressing people this season.

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