Sunday, July 26, 2015

Really Really Huge Trade Deadline Move #1

Everybody knew it was coming. Cincinnati knew it was coming. Kansas City basically knew it was coming. Hell, thanks to a premature slip from Michael Lorenzen last night,  even Johnny Cueto knew it was coming.

This was the move that both the Reds and the Royals desperately NEEDED to make. The Royals needed a sure ace. The Reds needed to get rid of a contract, and maybe piss off a few fans along the way.

This is kind of nice. So far both the Royals, Pirates and Astros have been buyers, rather than the guys getting picked clean for the umpteenth year. And all three are adding pieces they desperately need. Plus, I'm not 100% sure that any of them are done yet.

Still, this was a great move for the Royals, who will be even more of a force now that they've got a stronger pitching rotation. I still haven't exactly figured out who the Reds are getting in this deal. I'm kind of hoping that the Royals get to keep Jarrod Dyson, but still, maybe they'll use him better in Cincy.


  1. I honestly hope my team, the Cubs, stand pat or sell a minor player this year. Maybe losing three times (trailing 3-1 now) to the Phillies including the no-no will convince Theo that this is not quite the year.

  2. I am certainly not sad to see him leave the division!