Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mets Game 7/28: Shake Shack, Grandy and a Near No-No

Right now, I'm in Tenafly, New Jersey for the week, like usual this time of year. And seeing as we were close to New York, and I'd never been to Citifield, my dad and I took the subway into town and saw the Mets last night. And...let's just say they did not disappoint.

The stadium, by the way, is pretty nice. Really creative food, and our seats were really nice. I did indeed have Shake Shack, for the first time, and I damn near bought that place out. Good fries.

The pitching battle was an exciting one from the getgo: Noah Syndergaard, one of the many young Met arms, vs. James Shields from the Padres, who were in town to try and remind people why they were once supposed to be really good.

Syndergaard did a hell of a job, pitching six-and-a-quarter no-hit innings. He had some impressive stuff, throwing really hard, pitching into the eighth, and only giving up a few hits. Syndergaard's problem toward the end of his run was he got very tired, because he did use a lot of pitches, even when he was keeping the no-no going.

The Mets batters, surprisingly, helped a lot as well. In the first inning, Lucas Duda had a two-run home run, and later in the game Curtis Granderson, the man I came to see, hit another 2-run homer. These weren't gimmes- they were long, moonshots. Daniel Murphy had a nice game too, hitting well and playing good defense. Heck, the crowd was even behind new acquisition Juan Uribe, who also had a pretty nice game.

Tyler Clippard even showed up towards the end, making his first appearance at a Met, pitching the ninth and securing the win for Thor. He got a nice applause when he came up.

Of course the Mets won, 4-0, over the blistering, disappointing Padres. I'll say that Shields did pretty well too, having a nice amount of strikeouts late, but he did lose some steam giving up that home run.

Overall, nice game, great stadium, and, above all else, a great game for Curtis Granderson and Noah Syndergaard.

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