Friday, July 24, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Frenchy Edition

I never thought I'd see Jeff Francoeur, triumphant even, as a Phillie. I thought his best days were behind him, as a Brave. I think he picked the right year to pull a Juan Pierre, and have an excellent season when absolutely no one would have expected it.

Of course, like Juan Pierre in 2012, because he's doing so well, that means a bunch of teams who ARE contenders probably want him on their squads, which means the odds of Jeff Francoeur having a Topps card as a Phillie are becoming slimmer by the day.

Which is why I'd like to plead to the GM of the Phillies, Ruben Amaro, to PLEEEEEASE...PLEEEEASE KEEP FRENCHY AROUND! He is the ONLY person on the team who's making any substantial improvements (besides Ben Revere), and he's also providing a lot of moral support for the team (except for Jonathan Papelbon). If Frenchy sticks around, he will at least drive in attendance for people who are pissed about you trading Cole Hamels away (because we all know it's comin').

So, please, Ruben. Keep him around.

Coming Tonight: The Yankees are playing the Twins tonight. Here's their stellar third baseman.

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