Sunday, July 5, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Seager Edition

Kyle Seager is a great third baseman on a team that gets consistently shitty luck.

I mean, before the season started, and before people actually realized the Astros could do better than fourth place this season, people legitimately thought the Mariners would get second place, and nab the wild card, the one they should have nabbed last season (they were INCHES away). And then...the season started, Cano flopped, and everything went back to normal in Seattle.

The Mariners at least have Nelson Cruz, because he's hitting home runs whenever he isn't injured. And, again, Kyle Seager can definitely carry this team when he needs to. I know that back in the day everybody thought Dustin Ackley would be in this position, but that never really happened, so that left room for Kyle Seager to truly dominate. He's gotten a nice following in Seattle, and he's the one guy who's consistently doing his job well this season.

Coming Tomorrow- The Mets pitching staff has been phenomenal this season. Here's possibly the most important piece.

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