Saturday, July 11, 2015

All-Star Custom of the Night: Papelbon Edition

This is probably my last opportunity to post a custom of Jonathan Papelbon as a Phillie.

I don't know where he's going, but I know that he wants out of Philly. And it works, too, because we have Ken Giles waiting in the wings, ready to save games. Jonathan Papelbon has outgrown our team. He's not happy here, and he's a big commodity for any team that wants to be huge. The Rangers need a new closer. The Cubs could need one. The Cardinals might be a dick and trade for him anyway. But either way, he's going somewhere.

I think the weird part about the Papelbon era in Philly is that he has more saves than any other Phillies closer in history. The previous saves leader was Jose Mesa. I had no idea that Mesa had that in him. But the fact that, in the four years that Papelbon has been with this team, he's accumulated enough saves to be the all-time leader this team...that means, somehow, that he's done a lot for a team that hasn't done a lot themselves. Until somebody else comes along and out-saves him, Papelbon's gonna be in the Philly record books, edging out Joe Table.

That's kind of shocking, especially for a guy whose tenure in Philly was marred by a bad attitude.

Whatever. I'll miss him. And I hope he doesn't go back to Boston. Or Arlington.

Coming Tomorrow: A White Sox pitcher who absolutely rules.

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