Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The First (and second) in a New Series

Stars are Out Set #1- Sixers Draft Pick Jahlil Okafor

I was inspired recently.

This year in Topps' flagship release, they put out an interesting insert set, First Pitch. Great idea for a set. Putting 25, for lack of a better word, celebrities, throwing out the first pitch at baseball games, on cards, is a nice idea. Hasn't really been attempted on this scale before. Nice amount of variety, too.

Trouble is it's a 25-card set. It's not being continued for Update. And they're only scratching the surface of the concept. And unless they get really unoriginal, it's doubtful that they're gonna do this again for 2016.

Consider the alternative- my new custom insert set, The The Stars are Out.

I made the template myself. I didn't base it on anything. It's the first time I've made an original custom baseball card, and I think it turned out pretty well. It's extraordinarily simple, but that was kind of the point.

I chose to start with Okafor, because he's a big name in terms of the NBA draft, and he looks pretty cool in this shot. I've already got a few more made.

Matter of fact, while I'm here, here's another one.

SOA #2- Portlandia Star/Sleater-Kinney Guitarist Carrie Brownstein
This one's a bit quirkier than the Okafor, as it doesn't even involve sports, or the Phillies. And that's what I plan to do with this set. Get the less obvious picks on cards. And it's weird that I'm saying that, because the other two I've made are both sports stars (one even a former MLB pitcher). But...I'm pretty ambitious with this, and you kind of have to be.

I'll be posting these intermittently throughout the seasons, and I'll be looking for unusual 2015 first picks. Let me know what you think.