Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Maybin Edition

This is the guy that may be the reason why the Braves are still in third place.

See...the secret weapon in Atlanta used to be the pitching. And then that dried up. And then everyone thought the secret weapon was Freddie Freeman. And, sadly, Freeman has landed on the DL. But the whole season, Cameron Maybin has been powering a mostly-vacant lineup. It's a wonder he's even a Brave, as he was sent over in the trade on the literal first day of the season, for Craig Kimbrel.

To go from a team where you're barely needed like the Padres to a team where you're needed so much that the trade rumors aren't helping the fans is one hell of a transition.

I'm actually really happy that Cameron Maybin is playing well, because Maybin was sent to Miami in the Miguel Cabrera deal, and never really regained his footing after that. He did have some very nice years in San Diego, but getting Matt Kemp and Justin Upton seemed to ruin his chances.

With the Braves, he's been energetic, high-hitting, and everything the Marlins needed him to be in 2008. It's looking like there's a chance of Maybin being traded, and while it makes sense, I do feel bad for Braves fans once he leaves. He's been great so far, and I'd love to see him as a Brave for a little longer.

Coming Tomorrow- A White Sox pitcher who's been provided a much needed spark this year.

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