Monday, July 20, 2015

Nostalgic Box Break: 1994 Stadium Club Series 1: (Part 2)

Previously on Jordan Can't Post a Box Break Without Waiting Six Darned Months (see! working on all that damn-ing!), we saw the first twelve packs of this 24-COUNT box of Series 1. Now, not even a week later, I'm finally getting around to posting the second half. 

Remember, these are the dregs of the 1993 season, so expect a lot of Phillies, a lot of teal, and a TON OF DUPES.

Pack #13-
Cards I need: 7/12
Doubles: 5/12
Doubles that are legitimately scaring me right now: 1/12

I do really like the Gubicza one, because it's a shot that only could have existed in the 90's. So out of focus and zoomed out. 

This kind of counts as a Steve Trachsel rookie card, so congratulations to all 0 of you who got excited about that. Trachsel's claim to fame is giving up Mark McGwire's 62nd home run of 1998. 
Also, Matt Nokes, who as a great Yankee move for about 1 season, is here in a really nice celebration shot.

I wanted to point this out. This was one of the INFOCARDS I got out of a pack, and instead of showing some detail about the set, this one explained the new divisions, six instead of four, which was a breakthrough at the time. Funny how this was a kind of complicated detail that a card would have to explain to people 21 years ago.

Pack #14- (no group shot for this one)
Two well-posed Brewers. I've a fan of the Jaha, as it's a really nice shot, going along with the theme that there is absolutely nobody at Miller Park. Mieske's is pretty cool too.

Great double play shot with that Rey Sanchez.  Whiten's is a nice one too, with the shades adding a nice amount of class.

Two players I love pulling cards of. The Robin Yount is his 'final tribute' shot from this SC set. The Thome is a very nice early-career shot, complete with an early-90's indians uniform.

Pack 15-
Cards I need: 7/12
Doubles: 5/12
Awesome 90's-Only Shots: 1/12

Three really nice horizontal shots. Chris Turner's might be my favorite of the bunch. Throwing the catcher's legs in there was a good move. Polonia's not bad either, in the midst of grabbing a base.

This is an absolutely CLASSIC shot of Omar Vizquel, combining six awesome double play shots into one photo. It's even better that it's Omar Vizquel. It's sad though that he's not in an Indians uniform, as he was dealt to the Indians in the offseason.

Pack 16-
Cards I needed: 4/12
Doubles: 8/12
Hall of Famers: 1/12
Steroid Abusers: 2/12

A very excited Jose Lind, and a very focused Jim Eisenreich.

Frank Thomas' HR Club insert and Jose Canseco smacking a homer are the two highlights of an uneven pack.

Pack 17-
Cards I needed: 7/12
Doubles: 5/12
Tale of 2 Players inserts: 2/12
Good news is I needed both of these. The one on the left is a little better, to me, as at least it contains McGriff, and some 90's Marlins teal.

Plus, as an added bonus, we get an early-career shot of Rockies staple Vinny Castilla.

Pack 18-
Cards I need: 6/12
Doubles: 6/12
Steroid Abusers: 1/12
Future Hall of Famers: 1/12

We have two really awesome horizontal shots here. The Jerald Clark one may be one of my favorites of this set. Especially the angle. The Martin is pretty cool too.

Our two mega-stars, especially by 1994 standards, are Ivan Rodriguez, in the middle of an impressive tenure in Arlington, and Barry Bonds, just getting his feet, and syringes in that matter, wet in San Francisco.

Pack 19-
Cards I needed: 7/12
Doubles: 5/12
Doubles of people I collect: 1.666/12
Cards that would be worth a lot more in 1994: 2/12

Tony Fernandez, before his few years of ping-ponging around the league, hits in Toronto. And Tim Bogar has an impressive fielding shot.

This Swindell card is pretty nice. Just sitting back, towel around his shoulders, staring, calculating, at the camera. You can't help but wonder what's going on in there.

Juan-Gone and Doc. Not much else to say here.

Pack 20-
Cards I needed: 9/12 (!)
Doubles: 3/12
Cards of people that would last FOREVER: 2/12

The highlight here is the auto-signing shot of Tim Belcher.

I do have to give props to this Hundley card, for making a catcher pose look pretty epic. It looks like something off a movie poster.

The highlights:
A card of Benny Santiago as a Marlin, which is a very odd sight, though he's been in basically every uniform, so it's not too shocking. 
A card of Tim Wakefield as a Pirate, which is also pretty shocking.
And a very nice infield shot of Dick Schofield

Pack 21-
Cards I need: 8/12
Doubles: 4/12
Hall of Famers: 2/12
Hall of Shamers: 1/12

Your monthly reminder that Jack McDowell once won a Cy Young. Also, former two-sport sensation Brian Jordan.

Jose Vizcaino, just chilling out at second base. Also, a fairly awesome double play shot from Jody Reed.

Our Main Attractions. In 1994, Cal was still on top of his game, and still one of the best players in baseball. In 1994, Rafael Palmeiro was still credible. And, in 1994, Tony Gwynn was still respectable, awesome, and, sadly, alive. But, Cal's is a Dugout Dirt insert, which means...

Plus, this was right around when Camden Yards was first starting out, and this card highlights that.

Pack 22-
Cards I needed: 8/12
Doubles: 4/12
Really cool posed shots: 1/12
Really Cool Multiple-Exposure shots: 1/12

Bell's is a nice 'on the run' shot. Johnson's is just close enough, and Pichardo's is just out of focus enough.

Dave Winfield's card commemorates his 3000th hit, which he accomplished in 1993. This is also a really cool card. Henderson's is just as awesome, with the shadow doing a lot of the work.
Also, Winny's was a Dugout Dirt, so...
This is like The Wall meets the Fear and Loathing poster, with a bit of Terry Gilliam thrown in. But it's still pretty good.

Pack 23-
Cards I need: 8/12
Doubles: 4/12
Cards of people who were once paid by Pittsburgh: 2/12
Cards of people who were once paid by the Mets: 2/12
Cards of people who are still being paid by the Mets: 1/12 (I couldn't resist, Bobby.)

Barnes' is a very cool, only-could-happen-in-the-90's shot. DiSarcina's is another cool double play shot.

Charlie Hough, who must be in his last season, in a great card as a Marlin. And, of course, another Barry Bonds card.

Mikey P and Bobby Bo. One day, they would be traded for each other. Though, at that point the Marlins would be involved. Piazza's card is so cool. Of course, flip it over...
I mean...did they MEAN for these to be the last four packs? Was it a 1994 Stadium Club LAW?

Pack 24-
Cards I needed: 7/12
Doubles: 5/12
Doubles of Tom Henke: 2/12
Hall of Famers: 1/12

Two awesome sideways shots. Tom Foley's is just stellar, with the clouds and everything. Brumfield's is a great behind-the-backstop shot.

Steve Bedrosian, who won a Cy Young with Philadelphia in 1987, now pitching for the Braves. Meanwhile, Carlos Garcia waits for the call.

John Kruk, as this is 1993, has a nice card, and, of course...

It's the fourth and final Dougout Dirt. And this one is pretty damn cool, actually. I mean, uh, DARN COOL. YEAH!

Yet THAT isn't even the best card in the pack.

That distinction would go to Nolan Ryan, bowing out for the last time, given an outstanding card by Topps, and a terrific 'sunset shot'. Well done.

So, that's the box. Lot of fun to bust, lot of great cards, and a close-to-complete set. Now I build the 1994 set, as well as the 1993 one. I might post want lists to those in a few days. 


  1. 94 TSC is rad. That Gwynn card is one of my favorites. RIP.

  2. I LOVE that set. Would love to bust a box someday, but that sticky-icky on the card surfaces kills me.